My top lip products for under £10!


For those that know me, it was probably already assumed that my first beauty post would be about my favourite beauty product, lipstick! I usually can’t complete an outfit without a lipstick, therefore i’d love to share a few of my top lipstick discoveries on a budget price. Most of these products can be found on the high street for under £10 each! Read on if you would like to find out what I would recommend!

Ever since I discovered makeup, I have always been obsessed with lipstick. I loved the way that it complemented my outfit and made me feel more confident. Because I love trying out new brands, formulas and colours (glittery baby pink was a mistake for me!) my collection has considerably grown over the years. I have tried out many different high street brands looking for products that have good staying power, are pigmented and do not slide off or dry out the lips. Here are just four of my favourite high street lip products that I feel are great value for money. N.B. all of these lipsticks are well loved!

Essence ‘Matt Matt Matt’ Lipstick in Shade 2 RRP £2.30


I discovered Essence a few years ago when abroad on holiday in Spain. I was therefore so happy when they brought Essence to the UK! You can find the brand at Wilko stores or online at Wilko, I usually need to go into store to find this product however! I love the formula of these lipsticks, they glide on and do dry down a matte colour as the name suggests! I have found them to be pretty long lasting for the price, although after a day of wearing they do begin to dry your lips out. I have also found that some of the deeper colours in the shade range can go on a little patchy, but for only £2.30, I don’t think you can go wrong really! 

Essence Liquid Lipstick in Shade ‘Make a Statement’ RRP £2.50

Can you tell I like Essence products? This was however a bit of a different product for me when I first tried it. They have called it a ‘liquid lipstick’ but in my opinion it is more of a very pigmented lipgloss. It does however glide on easily with the wand applicator and provides full colour coverage in one swipe. The products gives a glossy finish and can be slightly ‘sticky’ so avoid if that is not your sort of thing! It does however wear off quickly after eating, but does not smear all over your face and is easy to reapply without getting crumbly reapplications! Again, this may be a product that you need to find in Wilko stores!

Rimmel Kate Matte Lasting Finish Lipstick in ‘107 ‘RRP £5.49


This is probably my all time favourite lipstick, and not just because it has my name on it! I found this lipstick as it was recommended by Zoella in one of her videos many years  ago. Ever since I have used this as a ‘go-to’ deep red colour, as you can see by the stub of lipstick that remains! It has excellent staying power even when eating food, and even though the formula is matte it does not feel drying at all. The colour is also very pigmented and easy to reapply. I have tried a few others in the Rimmel matte range, but this one still remains my favourite. You can find it in Boots stores, Superdrug or Amazon(however it is more expensive on Amazon!).

New Look Lipstick in ‘Mid Pink’ – discontinued, boo!

New Look Matte Lipstick RRP £3.99

new look lipstick swatch on lips

Since I bought this lipstick, after doing some research it looks like this particular line of lipsticks may have been discontinued, but regardless, I wanted to share this brand with you anyway. New Look is not a typical place where you may think to go to get makeup, however I love the formula of this lipstick, and if the new lipstick range they have brought out is similar I definitely think that it’s worth a try. I found the colours to be really pigmented and they were comfortable on the lips. Maybe I will pick up some of the new range and give them a try to see if they are still as good. Or let me know if you have tried the new range, is it any good for the price? You can find the new range in stores or at New

Let me know in the comments what you think, I hope I haven’t rambled on too much! Are you going to try out any of the brands? I would love to hear also about any bargain brands you already love! 

Kate xx

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6 thoughts on “My top lip products for under £10!

  1. Great first blog Kate and looking forward to the next!
    Read today about the Primark foundation which is flying off the shelves. Would love for you to review this as it would save a fortune for me!!
    Ruth x


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