Garnier vs Primark Micellar Water Review

Garnier micellar

After discovering Micellar Water a few years ago, I said goodbye to make up wipes forever. If you know me, i’ve probably already got you on the bandwagon because I rave about Micellar Water so much! Buying Micellar Water instead of makeup wipes has massively cut down my spending as the product is great value for money (one bottle will last me months) and it’s also so much better for your skin!

Historically, I have always used Garnier Micellar Water, as personally I find that it does not react with my skin and leaves my face feeling really clean and fresh after removing my makeup. I just take a cotton pad, pour on a small amount and I find that it removes stubborn makeup like mascara really gently. It does not leave a residue either so your skin feels really clean.

Garnier micellar

Garnier Micellar Water retails for £4.99, however there are often deals to be found! For example, it is currently £3.33 in Boots and £3.29 at Superdrug. I always keep an eye out for these deals, as well as any 2 for 1 offers and stock up!

Recently on my hunt for bargain beauty products, I came across Primark’s version of Micellar Water. Due to my love of the Garnier product, I was interested to find a Primark version of Micellar Water for only £2.00 in store. I wanted to give it a good try to see if I could replace my trusty Garnier Micellar Water and save a few pounds! I trialled the Primark product everyday for a week to remove my makeup to see whether it would be my new favourite.

My first observation of the Primark Micellar water is that you do get more ml at 430ml compared to 400ml in the Garnier product which is great! Secondly, the Primark Micellar water is rose scented, which personally I like as I did not find the smell too strong, but I would avoid if you do not like perfumed products.

Most significantly however, when using the Primark product, although it did take my makeup off pretty well, the product foamed up a little to become ‘soapy’ on my skin, which meant that my face did not feel as clean as when using the Garnier Micellar Water. I also found that when the Primark product became soapy this did irritate my eyes. I would therefore recommend using a small amount of product rather than soaking the cotton pad to avoid this.

Ultimately, after trialling the Primark Micellar Water, unfortunately I don’t think I will be replacing my Garnier Micellar Water. Although the Primark product does take off your makeup and so far has not caused any negative changes to my skin, I prefer the formula of the Garnier Micellar Water. The Primark product is definitely not a bad alternative however especially for only £2. I think if you are going to use the Primark Micellar Water then I would recommend using it sparingly to avoid the soapy build-up. Or alternatively Garnier Micellar Water is great value for money!

In the future I am going to be reviewing some other Primark makeup products that I picked up in store so stay tuned for my opinions on these.

I would also like to know, do you use Micellar water or how do you remove your makeup? Are you now going to try Micellar Water?

I hope you are enjoying the blog and thank you to everyone who has read so far!

Kate xx

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