Trying Primark Beauty Products, Part 1 of 2

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I have always loved shopping in Primark for clothes. It’s a running joke among my friends and family that I am known for finding my bargains there. I always find clothes that I like, and I think that you can get great quality items that look more expensive than they are! (Sometimes it does take a bit of hunting around for those special items!) However, the one thing that I haven’t really tried from Primark is their beauty range. The range has expanded massively over the years and with the inclusion of their Disney range, I thought it was about time I gave it a try. I recently picked out a few different types of beauty products to try out to see if they were any good.

As you can expect from Primark, all of the products are less than £5 each with the exception of the Minnie Mouse make-up bag at £6, which I must say I absolutely love! Not only is it so cute but also has really great storage inside. As a Disney lover, Primark’s Disney range is one of my favourite parts of shopping in their stores these days.

I have decided to split my review of the beauty products into two parts so that this review isn’t too long! If you are looking to find out about the foundation, Beauty and the Beast makeup brush and the liquid matte lipstick then stay tuned for part two coming up soon! But for now, here are my thoughts on a small selection of Primark’s beauty range.

One of the first products that I wanted to try was their highlighter. Highlighter has become a daily part of my makeup routine over the last year as I’m sure is the case for many others! I picked Primark’s Double Dimension highlighter in the colour ‘Gold Dust‘. You can find the product in stores for only £2.50. To begin, I added a base of foundation to give it a fair test, as I would usually wear highlighter over my foundation. I absolutely love this product! The colour is really bright and pigmented in just one swipe. It almost has a rainbow effect to it, as it shines a different colour depending on the light. (I’m sure that that has a more technical name but hopefully you know what I mean!) These pictures do not do it justice, it is much brighter in person! I would highly recommend trying this out if you like a strong highlighter glow!

Secondly, I tried out Primark’s mascara. There was a wide range of mascara’s to choose from so I wasn’t quite sure which one to choose. I eventually settled on the ‘Amplif-Eyed mascara as I like my eyelashes to have a lot of volume. I wasn’t massively impressed with this mascara, as you can see, one coat did not make a big difference to my eyelashes and I like to see a big impact as soon as I apply it. Especially when the product says that it adds volume! It’s an alright mascara for everyday use and I will be using it in the future, but I wouldn’t say it necessarily lives up to it’s name of ‘Amplified’, but would be suitable for anyone looking for a natural, separated eyelash look. You could always add a few more coats to make a more voluminous effect. The product can be found in store for only £3.00.

primark mascaraprimark mascara

Lastly for part one of this review, I tried out Primark’s Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons. Of course, I couldn’t resist looking for a new bargain lip product so picked up two colours, Ballerina (light pink) and Wine(dark red). I really like the consistency of the products, they are creamy when applied and are pigmented in one swipe. They then dry matte but did not feel too dry on my lips.

My favourite was the ‘colour ‘Wine‘ (predictable for me I know!). I didn’t think the light pink colour suited me very much but I would recommend these products and I will be trying out some more colours in the range. At only £2.00 each I think they are more than worth it! (Please ignore my face colour in the pictures below being completely different to my neck, a little hint as to how the foundation worked out!!)

And that’s all for part one! So far, I would recommend trying the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons and the Double Dimenson highlighter if you are ever in store. Part two of the review will be coming up soon, with some very interesting finds!

Are there any other products I should try in the range? Let me know, are you going to pick up any in store?

Kate xx

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