Anonymous Jewellery Subscription Box Review

Anonymous Jewellery

As I mentioned in one of my last blog posts which you can read here, I have tried out many different types of beauty box subscription over the years, but never a jewellery subscription box. So when I came across this subscription it really appealed to me, not only because of its price but its pricing options. Anonymous Jewellery offer a few different subscriptions, either 2-4 pieces of jewellery for 1, 2 or 3 months, all contract free! I think this is really appealing for those who don’t want to get stuck in a re-occurring payment and you are unlikely to receive the exact same items as someone else. I opted for the 1 month subscription of 2 jewellery pieces for £12.50 and these are the pieces that I received.

Firstly, I was really pleased to receive both a necklace and a bracelet which are suited to my style. I love the fact that I don’t have any other pieces like these. Another thing that I liked about this subscription, is that they asked me some preferences about my jewellery tastes prior to purchase, i.e. metal tone or jewellery style. You also have the option to browse their store and request some pieces you want to try. I wanted to be surprised so I only advised that I would wear both silver and gold jewellery.

The jewellery comes with some care guidance, and as it is fashion/costume jewellery it obviously won’t last a lifetime. But I think that for the price the jewellery looks high quality. I think it would make a great present idea for friends or family to give them something that is a bit more unique. I am definitely tempted to buy another subscription for a few months for myself too!

Which is your favourite jewellery piece from the box and are there any up and coming jewellery brands that I should keep an eye on? Let me know in the comments.

Kate xx

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