Essence Brand Review (Old Favourites and New Products)


One of the more underrated brands that I hardly ever hear anyone talking about is Essence Cosmetics. You can buy their products at Wilko and the prices are so cheap for great quality makeup items! I first found this brand on holiday in Spain, then when I found out that it was also being stocked in Wilko in the UK a few years ago you can imagine my excitement! I really think this brand deserves more hype, so I am going to use this opportunity to delve further into some of the products in my collection.

Some of my all time favourite products from Essence are their mascaras and lipsticks. I have touched on their lipsticks in one of my first blog posts that you can find here, so I won’t harp on about those, but their mascaras are some of the best i’ve ever used, including high end brands. My favourite of the two is probably the Lash Princess which as you can see is well loved. It gives amazing volume and length and is only £3.30! I like the green version of this mascara too which is their ‘false lash’ effect. The Volume Stylist mascara is also another great option at only £3.00 and can be found here.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A newer discovery of mine thanks to my mum are the Essence Butter Stick lipsticks. I have written a little review of these on my Instagram if you are interested, where you can see the product on. They are only £2.50 and highly pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. The products also come in either a glossy or matte finish. I can already tell that these are definitely going to become a staple in my makeup collection, so thanks mum! They aren’t super long lasting but for the price I am sold! Find the products here.

butter sticks

Another reason to keep an eye on this brand is for the limited edition collections that they release. I love this blush from their Cinderella collection a few years ago. It is such a pretty colour and again highly pigmented as I find all of their products to be. I don’t think you can find this collection anymore, but let me know if you do as I would love to have some more products!

Some of Essence’s new products that I picked up recently are the Mermaid Highlighter for £3.50 which is a classic Instagram staple product, as well as this gorgeous eyeshadow palette ‘In Love with Rose‘ for £4.00. I am slightly let down by the Mermaid Highlighter as it doesn’t give you a rainbow highlight, however it does give a pretty silvery glow so I will be holding on to it. I love the colour selection in the eyeshadow palette and have been pleased with the colour payoff for the price. As always, you can buy both at Wilko.

Overall, I would highly recommend taking a look at Essence products, it is very rare that the products are any higher than £5 each and they are amazing quality for such low prices.

What are your favourite Essence products if you have tried the brand before? Will you be going out and trying any of these products?

Kate xx

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