Boyfriend Reviews Gruum Men’s Skincare

I have seen this type of post before on various different blogs and I thought it would be a fun way to get my boyfriend involved in my blog. He doesn’t really use many skincare products, but I thought it would be interesting and quite funny to include his completely unedited review. I will say that I took the picture however!

For a bit of context, we received one of those loose vouchers that they put in parcels usually for Graze boxes or wine. This time it was for a Gruum skincare kit for only £10 including postage and packing. Gruum aim to provide low cost, natural men’s products such as shaving, cleansing, body and beard grooming products. The skin care kit we bought included a Face Wash, Daily Moisturiser and Facial Tonic. My boyfriend thought this was a good deal as usually he would spend a little more on these type of products.

Side note: With Father’s day coming up on the 17th June, this could be an ideal gift!

So without further adue, my boyfriend’s review!



This was pretty good and was good for the cheap price. I usually use bulldog which is the king of moisturisers but is pretty expensive. This runs it a close second though and would recommend.


Decent scrub this when using it in the shower. It took the morning glaze off my face so all good with this one and would probably buy again if it was on offer.

Tonic spray

If if I’m honest I have no idea what this is used for. I sprayed it on my face and it smelt pretty nice. This is probably found and used in expensive male hair dressers however this product simply isn’t for me.

So there we have it, short and sweet! What did you think? Should I get some more guests posts on my blog or some more posts from my boyfriend?

Have you got any cheap recommendations for men’s products?

Kate xx

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