Skinny Scrubs: Lip Scrub and Mask Review

2020 Update:

This company’s website and social media seems to be gone which makes me inclined to think the products are no longer available.

If you follow me regularly on my blog or social media, you will probably know that I love finding new brands and products to try. Therefore, when I found Skinny Scrubs on Instagram, they immediately attracted my attention because of their packaging (i’m always a sucker!), as well as the products being cruelty free. I also love to support independent brands, so I also reached out to Skinny Scrubs to ask them a little bit more about the ingredients that go in to their products. I am not being asked to write this post or being paid, I just love discovering new brands!

Skinny Scrubs sell a range of lip scrubs, lip masks as well as body scrubs. Being a bargain lover, I think the scrubs are really affordable. The lip scrubs for example are only £5 for 30g of product, which is often more product than you would get on the high street.

The products that I purchased were from the ‘Sample Bag’ on their website. The bag included 5 smaller versions of their lip scrubs and lip masks for only £7 including P&P! What a bargain! As they are samples, the packaging is different to the full size products, however I love the homemade look! You still get a fair amount for your money with the sample sizes and it gives you a great opportunity to try out the different scents!

My favourite scent from the lip scrub samples is the ‘Lovely Lemon’ as it smells so fresh. The lip scrubs also don’t feel drying at all and they all smell amazing. The peppermint sample I received was more ‘oily’ than the others however, so I found it a little bit more difficult to scrub this over my lips. When I reached out to Skinny Scrubs about the ingredients in the products, they advised that the sugar scrubs have ‘essential oils in them which are amazing for the skin.’ If you don’t like strong scents or essential oils then you would definitely need to avoid the peppermint scrub. It is worth noting on their website that Skinny Scrubs do ask anyone to get in touch if you require the product made differently, which is great!

Skinny scrubs

My favourite product overall is the strawberry lip mask. A little goes a really long way, it is super nourishing and moisturising. The scent of the lemon mask was unfortunately not to my taste at all and is different to the lip scrub scent. I have been using the strawberry lip mask on my lips overnight and I have been waking up to super soft lips in the morning. When I spoke to Skinny Scrubs they advised that the lip masks are ‘mainly shea butter which has been used for many years as a natural moisturiser and is great for healing sores and cuts so is perfect for dry cracked lips’. I would highly recommend checking these out.

Overall I am happy with my experience and products from Skinny Scrubs. After I work my way through the samples I will definitely have a look at buying the larger sizes for the scents that I like. I am also glad that I bought samples, so I now know the scents and formulas I prefer. What do you think? Will you be trying any of these products? Are there any independent brands that you love?

Kate xx

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