Trying Wet N Wild Makeup

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On my recent holiday to Spain, I couldn’t resist checking out some of their pharmacy stores for new makeup. I found a ‘Wet N Wild’ makeup stand, a brand we don’t have in the UK, but I have heard lots about because of their affordable prices. I picked up a few products to try, as these were all under €5 each. I tested these products out in the Spanish heat to see how they would look and to see if they would last!

I picked up three products, a glittery eye shadow that drew my attention straight away, a felt tip eyeliner and of course, a lipstick.

wet n wild

One of the first products that I tried out was the ‘Wet n WildProline Felt Tip Eyeliner in ‘Black’. I wondered whether it would live up to the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner that I have been using which, I must say although it is pricey it is AMAZING. I was thoroughly disappointed in this Wet n Wild product. I found that it dried really quickly and was difficult to apply. It also later started to smudge on my eyelid which I absolutely hate. I couldn’t find the exact same one on Amazon, but if you wanted to try it out you can find a similar product here for £4.49.

wet n wild eyeliner

The next product that I tried was the Wet n Wild Single Glitter Eyeshadow in ‘Brass’ which is so pretty in the pan! I originally thought that this product would be a powder form, however it is more like a gel consistency. As I am not a makeup artist, I did find this a little difficult to apply as it seemed to spread all over the place. I did apply a base colour first which I think you would need to do to give good coverage. Once the shadow is on however I think it looked really pretty, it just takes a bit of effort! You can buy the product here for £1.95.

wet n wild eyeshadow brass

Lastly, and definitely my favourite product of the three is the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in ‘Cherry Picking’. The lipstick was extremely pigmented on first application. It also lasted through the heat and through eating/drinking extremely well. It is super long lasting however in that it leaves a stain on your lips when you try to remove it. I wish I had picked up some more colours, however for only £2.99 here on Amazon I still can!

w7 lipstick

I have some mixed feelings about Wet n Wild products. Maybe there are some that I am missing and need to try as so far I think they are a little hit and miss! Let me know what you think and I would love to hear your recommendations.

Kate xx

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