Holy Grail Product – NYX Matte Lip Creams

You probably already know that I am obsessed with lip products. One of my absolute favourite and go to products are NYX Matte Lip Creams. My collection (some bought myself and some gifted by the bestie) has grown over the years and definitely will continue to grow.

The reason why I love these lip products is because they are so easy to apply and are really pigmented. They also have a massive range of colours. I personally find all of the matte lip creams really comfortable on the lips. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t completely transfer proof and can be drying by the end of the day, but they re apply so nicely, did I also mention they smell like cake!

Here is a little look into my collection:

From L-R Antwerp, Barcelona, Toulouse, San Paulo, Metallic Madrid and Budapest.

(Such cute names!)

My favourites and most worn are definitely San Paulo and Toulouse. Toulouse is a great nudey brown, especially for my skin tone. I almost always get compliments whenever I wear these as well. I do also really like the metallic formula, this one is super creamy so can slide around a little bit on first application.

I would highly recommend checking out the range. You can buy them for only £6 in Boots.

What do you think should be my next colour choice? Have you tried NYX matte lip creams?

I would love to know, leave me a comment!

Kate xx

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