Fiancé Picks My Full Face of Makeup

I will start off with a little life update as you can tell by the title! I’ve just got engaged! It was amazing and I am so excited for our next chapter together! Thank you for all of the lovely messages!

As everyone loved my fiancé’s (eek!) product review a few weeks back (one of my most viewed posts that you can read here!), I thought I would set him another challenge. I asked him to pick products to make a full face of makeup, without any guidance and with free reign of all of my makeup.

As he went through I wrote down some of his comments and reasons behind picking certain products, which is interesting as you can imagine! I thought this would also be a good chance to show some more of my makeup collection! So here we go, my boyfriend picks a full face of products.

The first item that he picked up was this silicone beauty blender that he said he had no idea what it was and thought it could be a ‘mini mouse mat’. 😂 Not the best start I admit.

After a somewhat concerning start, here are all of the products that he picked for a full face of makeup.

As you can see he did a good job! We have most areas covered, if not a little sparse on how to actually apply the makeup!

I will just leave you with some comments from him actually picking the products. Firstly, he said that the bigger brush he picked was for my ‘blusher’ which was actually the Bourjois bronzer, and the other smaller one was for eyeshadow which is pretty good! He then advised that the rest have their own ‘sticks’ to apply them i.e the mascara has it’s own ‘mini toilet brush’. Apparently the rest I then ‘put on with my hands’ because you ‘can’t use a brush with liquid’. 🤣 Most of the other picks were from ‘seeing if they look used’, not a bad tactic really!

I really enjoyed seeing what he thinks I wear for a full face of makeup. I think he actually did a really good job and it is nice to know that he pays some attention to my ramblings about what I wear. But I think that is the best we are going to get, and I am fine with that! (A little insight: all of these products were picked in under 5 minutes!)

Did you enjoy this post? I am hoping to have some more family guest posts in the future!

Kate xx

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