Testing Elegant Touch Stick on Nails – Bargain or Bust?

As you will probably know (as I haven’t stopped going on about it), I recently got engaged! I thought this would be a great time to test out some stick on nails to make my hand look a little prettier to match my beautiful ring! I have tried Elegant Touch stick on nails many years ago but I wanted to give their longevity and wear a proper test this weekend. I applied the nails Saturday morning (which I will go into) and continued my weekend trying to do normal activities wearing these nails.

elegant touch nails

Elegant Touch nails can be found in Boots and Superdrug for around £9.99. The exact pair I am testing can be found here. Boots are currently running a buy one get second half price on selected Elegant Touch nails too. The nails each have a sticky tab inside which you peel off to apply. The nails come in a range of shapes and for me this was the most time consuming part to find the correct nails that matched mine.

Once I had found the correct size nails, I then just simply pulled off the plastic covering the glue tab, stuck it on my nail and then held it down for a few seconds. These nails are much longer than what I am used to so I did find applying the nails more fiddly once some of the nails were on. I did also have to trim my natural nails down due to the stiletto nail shape as my real nail could be seen on the sides.

Before and After:

I really like the look of the nails once they had been applied. As I mentioned they are much longer than I am used to so next time I will go for a shorter option. I did unfortunately have my first nail casualty only about 10 minutes after applying. One of the nails lifted off, either the sticky wasn’t working properly or I didn’t press hard enough, either way I was a little bit disappointed!

We then had an afternoon exploring in Ledbury which was a really cute town. I bought some wine (why not) and had an amazing 5 cheese pizza. All of the nails survived the trip with only my thumb nail starting to lift off at the cuticle on the way home.

Throughout Saturday I did some of my normal household jobs and had to replace a couple of the nails that came off. I then tried to change my bedding and disaster struck. I completely popped off a few nails so gave up replacing them and pulled them all off! They were easy to get off and didnt leave any damage behind on my nails.

Final thoughts: I did really like the look of these. If I got some shorter ones maybe they would have stayed a little longer as they would be less likely to get caught. However only lasting one day is not really worth it for spending £10. If you can get them on offer then they may be fine if you aren’t going to be going about your daily jobs! I still want to give them another try. Have any of you made them work?

Kate xx

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