Trying Budget W7 Cosmetics Products

* This post contains Amazon associate links. If you are unsure, this means if you purchase a product through my Amazon link I will receive an advertising fee. I have not been asked to write this post and I have purchased the products myself*

A little while back I compared an eyeshadow palette from W7 Cosmetics to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I thought that the W7 palette was a really good dupe at an affordable price, so when I saw W7 Cosmetics in my local Savers I wanted to give more of their products a try. Here is a short review of the products I chose.

W7 products

W7 Dynamite Highlighting Powder in ‘Supernova‘ – £1.99 in Savers or £4.97 on Amazon

W7 Power Puff – £1.99 in Savers or £4.18 on Amazon

W7 Mega Matte Lips in ‘Oddball‘ – £1.49 or £3.76 on Amazon

The beauty sponge is not anything special really, it does the job for the price and I am pretty happy with it!

I am pleased with the highlighting powder though. It does not come out the colour  it shows in the pan when applied to the face which is a shame, but is a glowy, shimmery, champagne colour. You don’t need much at all to get a glow which I think is great for the low price.

w7 swatches

If you follow my Instagram you may have already have some thoughts about which of the above lip products you think is from W7 Cosmetics and which is from NYX…. The NYX matte lip cream in ‘San Paulo’ is the right hand side swatch! Were you correct? I think it is quite hard to tell!

I actually picked this W7 lip cream in Savers as it reminded me so much of the NYX matte lip creams, although I didn’t realise how similar they would be til I got home! They both smell really sweet, are easy to apply and look really similar on the lips. The main difference is that the W7 lip cream is over £4 cheaper! I think I may have accidentally stumbled upon a dupe! As much as I love the NYX lip creams, I would recommend checking the W7 brand out as a cheaper alternative.

I am still impressed with the W7 brand for the quality of their low price products. Of course the products are different to high end products and the packaging is not massively luxurious but they are perfect for shopping on a budget!

Have you tried any products from W7 Cosmetics? Let me know!

Kate xx

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