Sister Reviews Everyday Makeup Products

I recently asked my younger sister who also loves makeup and beauty products to write a guest blog post. I let her pick whatever she wanted to write about so she decided to write all about her favourite products for an everyday makeup look! I love having guest posts on my blog, they are usually my most highly viewed posts (although i’m not sure what that says about my own blog posts!)

Let’s get straight into the blog post! All of the pictures and words beyond this are her own! Enjoy!

Favourites for everyday look

I typically don’t spend a long time on makeup in the mornings as I like to spend the extra time in bed!! So, I have put together a few of my favourite products for a quick and easy everyday look.

CheeksTanya Burr Sweet Cheeks face palette. This came out in her 2017 Christmas collection so keep an eye out for it this Christmas! I particularly love the ‘Toffee Crunch’ bronze as it is not too dark which works well with my skin tone and the highlighter is light and glittery but not too bold, which is perfect for subtle makeup.

Fragrance – Jimmy Choo Blossom. This is one of my favourite fragrances ever as it is floral and fruity and smells very sweet. It lasts quite a long time, but it is not particularly overpowering, and it can be used for the day or for a night out.

jimmy choo blossom

Nails – 

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in ‘Guava’. I love this nail polish as it creates the gel effect at a low cost and it is glossy and shiny and dries quite quickly.

Essence Colour & Go in ‘Be Berry Now!’. This is one of my favourites of all time because it dries extremely quickly and doesn’t require many layers as the colour is bold. Also, it is easy to apply as it comes with a special flat brush and it is such a low price!

gel nail varnishes

Eyes –

Eyeshadow: W7’s ‘In The Nude’ palette which is now called ‘Colour Me Nude’. This palette was previously reviewed on this blog comparing it to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and I have to agree that the price is an enormous selling point and that the colours are perfect for a natural look. They are a nice range of colours and I like that the glittery ones can be used if you want a bolder look. Also, they are easy to blend, especially for someone like me who is not very skilled at applying makeup!

Mascara: Essence Volume Stylist mascara. This is my go-to mascara for a few years now and I still find myself preferring it over any new mascara I try. It isn’t too clumpy, and the price is fantastic for the quality you receive.

essence mascara

Brows: Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow powder and gel mascara. These are cheap and good to use if you are in a hurry, however, it can get a bit messy and can be difficult to shape your eyebrows with.

essence make me brow

Lipstick – I love lipstick and I have so many that I love that I could write a whole blog post on them, however, I picked 2 of my long-time favourites.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in the shade ‘Duel’. This formula is so creamy and feels so light on your lips and it does last a long time, however it tends to wear off a little when eating and drinking! These lipsticks are around £3 and you can often find their other lipsticks for £1 or £2 on the website which I think is amazing so definitely check their lipsticks out!

revolution lipstick

Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour in shade 16 ‘Fancy Blush’. I have a few of these in different colours as they are easy to apply and come in nice bold colours and even though they are matte-like, they aren’t too drying.

essence lipstick

As you can see, I love Essence products as I think the prices are unbeatable and they have such a great range of products so I would highly recommend checking them out.

What did you think? I loved having my sister as a guest on my blog, I think she did an amazing job! Such a good range of affordable products to read about! Who would you like to see next on my blog?

Kate xx

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