How I Transform Frizzy Hair

frizz reducing

Naturally I have thick, curly and definitely frizzy hair. When I was younger, i.e. before straighteners were invented, I almost had a halo of frizz around my head at all times, especially when wearing a ponytail, (some of you may be able to relate!) I have definitely trained my hair to become straighter over the years by using straighteners often, however I try to use products to protect my hair as much as possible!

I wanted to share some of the products that I use to go from frizzy to fabulous. Of course, straighteners do play a big part in this transformation, but without the frizz reducing styling and haircare products there is definitely a big difference to the final outcome.

Here are the products that I use most often to create sleek hair:

Frizz Ease Products

For shampoo and conditioner, I use the Pantene Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner – currently only £2.00 for the shampoo in Sainsburys.

Pantene hair products have literally transformed my hair. I have tried other shampoo brands but none of them leave my hair as soft and nourished as Pantene. I use the deep conditioner every now and then if my hair feels like it needs extra nourishment and it is amazing.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner – you can get variations of this product for only £1.99 in Boots at the moment.

Sometimes I use products before drying my hair but not often so that I do not get a build up. Once my hair has dried, I use the Naturoil Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray – I picked this up in Poundland for £1 (duh!) I spray this on before straightening and it does not leave any residue or greasy feeling behind.

One of my secrets to non frizzy hair is  the Remington Wide Plate Ceramic Straighteners. I had always been a hardcore GHD fan for years, but these straighteners are much better than the GHD’s in my opinion and about 1/4 of the price at £28.32. I would highly highly recommend checking these out. I have already got some of my friends using them! They heat up really quickly with adjustable heat settings. They are also relatively light to travel with for a wide plate straightener.

Lastly, if I want to tame any flyaway hairs after straightening, I use the Got2B styling primer. You can get this for only £2.75 on Fragrance Direct. It has a serum like consistency so you don’t need to use too much. I get a small amount between my fingers and smooth over the ends and roots of my hair to reduce any remaining frizz.

So there you have it, that was my typical routine to transform my hair. I hope that this has been helpful! Let me know what products you use to reduce frizz, I would love to know!

Kate xx

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