Nip and Fab £5 Skincare: Bargain or Bust?

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If you are an avid reader of my blog you may already know that I love the Nip & Fab dragon’s blood cleansing pads and the kale fix moisturiser. You can read about my thoughts on these products here.

From previous experience, I find that Nip & Fab are really reasonably priced and they usually have quite a lot of sales meaning I have yet to buy a product for more than around £5! So it was only right that when they recently ran a £5 favourite’s sale of their best selling products that I could not resist!

nip and fab
Bonus points for spotting my reflection! 😉

The sale has currently ended but keep an eye out for their future sales. I have linked the cheapest versions I can find:

Out of the three products, my favourite is the kale fix protection shot. It is almost like a serum but is not oily. I have been applying the product using the dropper straight onto my skin. I don’t know whether it is my imagination but it almost looks like my face has a glow to it afterwards! It has been making a big difference to my skin in partnership with my absolute new favourite moisturiser from Burt’s Bees that you can read about on my

kale protection shot

I also really like the glycolic foaming pads. Dare I say that I prefer them to the dragon’s blood cleansing pads that I love so much!! I think it is because of the texture to the pads that really feel like they are deeply cleansing. They also foam up really easily without using water and smell amazing, like citrus. I am probably going to repurchase these instead of the dragon’s blood cleansing pads!

I unfortunately did not like the primer at all for my skin. It did sink into my skin but I noticed no difference to my makeup application which is what I would expect from a primer. Throughout the day it also made my foundation patchy and start to bunch up which is a shame. Are there any primers out there that work?!


I will be continuing to purchase from Nip & Fab due to their range of affordable products that so far I have had a pretty good success rate with! I would love to know what I should try next?

Kate xx

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