Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review

I tend to dip into TK Maxx every now and then to see if there are any bargains to be found. Usually I don’t find very much, but yesterday I hit the jackpot as they had just restocked. I found this Semi-Sweet chocolate bar palette from Too Faced for only £16.99 instead of it’s retail value of £39.00! I had just had to share this amazing find with you straight away and remind you to check out TK Maxx regularly!

Too faced palette

I don’t own any Too Faced products so I was really excited to find this palette for such a good price! I have always wanted to try one of their palettes but never wanted to pay full price, you know me! TK Maxx can be great for finding high end products at an affordable price.

Now on to the review. Straight off the bat, the packaging is so cute! The product also smells AMAZING, so chocolatey.

Too faced chocolate bar palette

I really like the colour selection in the palette, there are a range of matte and shimmery colours and most are neutral colours which I tend to be drawn too. I actually really like the fact that they have a blue which I would never usually go for but now I have the option to try!

Chocolate bar palette colours

I swatched some of my favourite colours from the palette below as I found it difficult to pick a favourite!

Swatches too faced

One thing I did notice about this palette is that to me, the colours did not seem to be as pigmented as other high end palettes I have tried such as the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The formula did not seem to be as creamy which in my opinion is a shame if you are paying full price for the eyeshadows. I do still like the colours especially the shimmery shades as you can tell. I just think I may have felt a tiny bit let down by that had I paid full price for the palette.

I can’t deny however that I love this palette especially for the price I paid. What do you think? Should I be on the hunt for more too faced products?

Kate xx

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4 thoughts on “Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review

  1. Well done you for finding such a steal in your TK Maxx..reminds me I need to check my local store out because last time I was there they had the subculture palette! I’ve never been impressed with Too Faced Shadows either, I’ve got the Sweet Peach Palette and it just isn’t as good as my £4 Revolution palettes!
    Alex x


  2. Woah that’s such a bargain! I’m defintely going into T.K.Maxx to look at the beauty products. I have the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and I agree with it not being as pigmented as other high end products. Great review! x

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