Trying Primark Disney ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lipsticks

You probably already get the idea that Primark is one of my favourite shops ever for clothes. After trying some of their makeup a few months ago which you can read about here, I had some high hopes about their new Alice in Wonderland collection. I picked up this set of mini lipsticks from part of the collection for £4 for the trio.

alice in wonderland lipstick

The outer packaging is really cute and pretty, however the lipstick packaging itself isn’t as stylish in my opinion. The lipsticks are super small which is great for putting in your handbag, however there isn’t a massive amount of product in each lipstick.

alice in wonderland lipstick

alice in wonderland lipstick swatches

The colour range is pretty and the lipstick formulas are super creamy and pigmented. The lipsticks are also really comfortable to wear and give a shiny finish on application. Unfortunately the peach and pink shades do not suit my skin tone so I would not get much use out of the set. I know they are a Disney collection but I did expect a little bit more seeing as though some of Primark’s other makeup feels more high quality?

What do you think? Have you tried any of the makeup from this collection?

Kate xx

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12 thoughts on “Trying Primark Disney ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lipsticks

  1. I haven’t seen these in the U.S. but it was a lovely read because I like makeup. Packaging was cute, but didn’t stand out enough in my opinion. The packaging could be mistaken for children’s makeup and there was no variety in the shades.

    Deanna from


  2. I haven’t tried any of Primark’s make-up range myself but think it’s perfect for stocking fillers. Especially the Disney ranges they’re coming out with – I have my eye on some Minnie Mouse bits.


  3. I love the look of this but I think the actual lipstick design is quite disappointing compared to the box it comes in! Also pretty sure you could buy 3 full size lipsticks from Primark for round about the same price so ill probs give this one a miss! Great review though 🙂


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