A Makeup Amateur’s ‘Benefit’ Face of Make Up

Recently I used a gift card to purchase the Benefit ‘Parisian Pin Up’ make up set. This usually retails for £28.50 and you receive 4 mini Benefit products inside, BADgal BANG! mascara, Gold Rush shimmering blush, Ka-Brow! cream-gel brow colour and High Beam liquid highlighter. I think this is great value even without the gift card!

I have not really tried Benefit makeup other than trying samples of their mascara’s from beauty boxes. My plan was therefore to review this set by using all of the products as far as possible to create a face of makeup.

*I am definitely no make up artist so this is more of a amateur playing around with nice makeup review!*

After using my normal makeup for the base, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick, here is the final look after using all of the Benefit products in the set.

Benefit face

Overall I liked all of the products in the set, with my favourite being the BADgal BANG! mascara (although I already knew that I liked this!) The Ka-Brow! cream-gel brow colour I think I need some more practice with, as I need to work out how to make the eyebrows look more natural. It is really easy to use however and I will definitely continue to use it.

The blush is very shimmery, more like a highlighter but looks pretty on the skin. You wouldn’t want to wear too much highlighter with this blush however. I LOVE the high beam highlighter. As you can see it is super bright. It is really easy to blend into the skin and can be built up quickly.

Benefit highlighter

I am pleasantly surprised that I like all of these products. Out of all the products, I would be tempted to repurchase a full size mascara and also look at trying out more of their eyebrow products if they have future offers!

I think that there are products here however that you could get a cheaper version of with a different brand. It has inspired me to find some dupes! Would you like to see this?

Kate xx

Bargain Beauty Hub

17 thoughts on “A Makeup Amateur’s ‘Benefit’ Face of Make Up

  1. I would love a dupes post! There’s a good High Beam dupe that I have 😎
    How does the cream gel eyebrow work?! I’ve never seen that format! Looks lovely though 💕



      1. It’s called High Lights by Technic – almost identical packaging! But I haven’t tried the Benefit one so can’t compare! It’s only like £3 on Amazon though so you could test it out 😎

        Ah, got it! A bit like cream to powder foundation consistency? X


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