Natural Skincare Review: Seatox- Organic Skincare from the Sea!

About a month ago, I found that an Irish company called Seatox were looking for bloggers to try their products. I reached out to them to say I was interested in trying out their products. Initially I was attracted to the company because I love supporting smaller companies, but I was also intrigued by their all natural, seaweed based products. Organic skincare is an area that is more unfamiliar to me but as their prices were also very reasonable, I was interested!


Tess the founder of the company, has said to have been inspired to find natural and vegan alternatives to skincare chemicals by harnessing the many uses of seaweed. She utilises the benefits of seaweed for its natural anti oxidant properties, along with many other advantages. Tess also advised me that seaweed contains natural retinol, meaning for a lower price, you can get an ingredient typically found in more expensive skincare! The company also supports marine conservation projects. Every £1 from each product sold is currently being donated to the Irish Seal Sanctuary which is amazing.

I was lucky enough to be picked to try out their range and was gifted the products you see in this review. Quick disclaimer: *Although these products were gifted, these are my honest thoughts and opinions on the products and I have not been told what to say.*

Firstly I tried out the Kelp Help Wild Kelp Powder to create a face mask, RRP £8.95. I mixed the powder with coconut oil which was one of the recommended options, as well as a few teaspoons of warm water to create a paste. This was super easy to do but definitely messy! I have absolutely loads left in the packet however so you can get a lot more uses out of the powder. There are some great recipes on the website to try out with different skin benefits.

kelp help mask

After I got the correct consistency which was a bit of trial and error, it felt like a regular facemask on my face and did firm up after applying. As you would expect from seaweed, the products do smell strongly of the sea (but not fishy at all!) I didn’t find this too off putting but it is worth noting if that isn’t your thing. After removing the mask my skin felt really smooth and nourished, more so than I expected! I will definitely use the powder again and try out some of the other recipes.

Secondly I tried out the Selkie Smooth Seaweed Bath Soak, RRP £6.95. This is essentially just 100% seaweed for your bath! It is definitely a strange sensation being surrounded by seaweed, but I did notice the bath changing colour which I imagine was all the natural seaweed minerals seeping out! Once the seaweed had settled I didn’t really notice it as much! You can also turn the seaweed into compost after using so you don’t waste it, what a good idea. If I am honest, I am more a bubbles sort of girl, but if you are looking for something completely organic and vegan for your bath then this would be a good option that doesn’t break the bank.

I am really grateful to have been sent the products to try. I will definitely be trying out the Kelp mask again with some different ingredients. I think the price is reasonable as you get so many uses out of the packet.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and my first gifted product experience! Which organic products should I try next?

Kate xx

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3 thoughts on “Natural Skincare Review: Seatox- Organic Skincare from the Sea!

  1. Omg, what a cool idea! I would never have thought to whack seaweed in the bath, but it is in so many skincare products so why not source it for that purpose?! How did your skin feel after?!

    Rhianna x


    1. It is such a good idea to use what is naturally around! The mask especially made my skin feel really smooth after! I didnt notice a huge difference after using the seaweed in the bath but it was a cool experience! Xx


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