The Makeup Tag ft My Fiancé

The lovely Hayley ( recently posted this tag on her blog where she asked her boyfriend a load of questions about beauty and makeup and captured his responses. I did have to change a couple of questions to tailor it to my makeup but I thought it was a great idea as i’ve never done a tag post before! Check our her blog to see her boyfriend’s responses.

You may already know what my fiancé is like, but if you don’t, he has a slight clue about makeup from overhearing me talking about it but is mostly clueless to specifics! You can find some previous posts with his beauty knowledge (or lack of) including his ever famous review by clicking here. I thought this would be really funny to capture his responses, he did actually surprise me too! Enjoy!

  1. What is contour?

Contour is where you make your cheekbones more on show.

  • Surprisingly yes.

2. What eyebrow product do I use on my brows?

You use your eyebrow pencil, tweezers and that’s it.

  • Oh how I wish it was that simple!

3. Where would you put eyeliner?

On your eyelid.

  • As you can probably already tell, not a man of many words.

4. What is this?

A foundation thing.

  • Slightly cheating as I have asked him this before, I wish I remembered his original answer!

5. What goes on the face before foundation?


  • Well he is not wrong as some people do, but the answer I was looking for was primer.

6. What is a spoolie used for?

What is a spoolie? *Mutters spoolie a few times* Sounds like something that goes on my fishing line. *After some long thought* A type of brush?

  • A spoolie is used on your eyebrows, so yes this is pretty close!

7. What is the difference between matte and shimmer eyeshadow?

Matte is more like a blended look and more natural and shimmer might be a bit brighter. *Starts to relate it to car paint*

  • Not really, answers are getting more vague as you can tell!

8. What is the price of a MAC Lipstick?


  • A MAC Lipstick retails at £17.50, wish I lived in his world!

9. What eyeshadow colour do I usually wear on my eyelids?


  • I guess so yes. Love the non-specific answers!

10. What is Micellar water used for?

Your makeup removal stuff.

  • Wow yes!

11. What is concealer used for?

To get rid of blemishes and stuff, like hide them.

  • Again, yes! He must be learning.

12. Describe the colour of a nude lipstick?

Nude is like normal skin colour.

  • Bit of a tough question there but again yes pretty much!

13. What is MAC FIX +?

*Long thinking* A type of foundation?

  • I don’t even use this so not surprised he didn’t have a clue!

14. What brand of makeup do I NOT have in my makeup collection? Charlotte Tilbury or NARS?

Charlotte Tilbury – it’s a flip of the coin I don’t really know.

  • Correct! I would love to own Charlotte Tilbury products, I just cannot afford the prices!

15. What is one of my all time favourite products?

MAC eyeshadow palette.

  • This made me laugh out loud. I don’t own one. But then I realised he was trying to think of the Urban Decay Naked palette, bless.

16. What is highlighter?

It does what it says doesn’t it, highlights. Makes a certain feature more prominent. 

  • He must have been revising..

17. What does ABH stand for? *CLUE – its a makeup brand*

*Asks a lot of questions, is it their name, is it common?* I have no idea. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, again another brand I don’t own!

Didn’t he do well! Actually he got most of these questions correct, he just doesn’t beat around the bush with his answers haha!

Would love to know what your partners say if you ask them these questions! Thanks again to Hayley for the idea!

Kate xx

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10 thoughts on “The Makeup Tag ft My Fiancé

  1. What a sweet and funny post idea! I love that, my bf probably wouldn’t do half as well as yours did haha! Well done to him and it’s nice to be able to include your other half in your blog as it makes it more personal for you! Great post!
    Alex x


  2. This IS William we’re talking about here ????? Pretty impressive stuff – not sure all of his peers (he’ll know who I mean !!!) would be this ‘with it’ in their girls’ make up department !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ‘Starts to relate it to car paint’ 😂😂 this actually tickled me hahaha! I’d also love to live in his world if MAC Lippies are £12 😩! Your fiancé actually done really well on this though tbh haha! Thanks for mentioning me in the post 😘 xxx


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