Eden Tree Women: Skincare Brand Launch

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Eden Tree Women skincare launch at the beautiful Hotel du Vin in Birmingham. I felt really lucky and excited to be invited to a launch. I never thought I would be attending product launches when I first started blogging!

The venue was stunning with tables laden with their products for us to try as well as plenty of drinks and canapes (I promise I didn’t eat the whole tray!) It was also a great opportunity to meet new bloggers and also catch up with some bloggers that I met previously at the Prezzybox ‘Jingle Mingle‘ which you can read all about here!

So a little bit about the brand itself: Eden Tree, created by Siobhan who has a long background in aesthetic medicine, promotes health from the inside out. The skincare range is paraben-free and cruelty-free which is something that a lot of companies seem to be moving towards which is really positive. Also the packaging is fully recyclable which is a rarity these days! I was actually a really big fan of the packaging, it looks really stylish and high quality.

Siobhan spoke to me passionately about the products and her focus on quality skincare and health. Interestingly, her website also provides nutrition and wellbeing tips from experts as well as ideas for recipes which is definitely something different to other skincare brands out there. This all links back to Siobhan’s aim of focusing on what you put inside your body as well as what you put on your skin.

Eden Tree is not only a skincare company, but they also do a range of haircare, home style and multivitamin wellness products. One of my favourite products of the night was their candles. They were so strongly scented, have a 30 hour burn time and also smelt amazing! You could smell them from across the room! One of my favourites was their Mulled Wine Spice Christmas Candle which you can pick up for £12 on their website.

candles eden tree

We were super lucky to get given a goodie bag full of lots of their different skincare products, as well as a detangler brush, candle, body scrub and multivitamin drink. I personally have not tried a multivitamin drink before, so although a little bit apprehensive, I am really interested to see if it does have any effect!

eden tree goodie bag

Now I am not going to pretend that these products are mega cheap, personally I don’t know whether I would spend as much on skincare, I guess it is just the bargain hunter in me! But I am really grateful to get this opportunity to try more expensive products that I could not usually buy myself. I will say however that from first impressions, the Eden Tree products do seem really high quality and there are definitely some great ideas on the website for Christmas gifts if you are looking for something a little bit more luxurious.

Some of my recommendations for more affordable gifts from Eden Tree:

  • Candles and Diffusers – £12 per candle, £14 per diffuser
  • Travel Size Set – £19.95 for argan oil shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion
  • Coffee Scrub – £12.95

I am really grateful to Siobhan for letting us try out her range and I can’t wait to start to share some of my favourites with you when I try them over the next few months. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for honest reviews!

What did you think about the launch and the products? I would love to know if you would like to hear more about how I get on with the products or whether you think I should stick to my bargains!

Kate xx

Bargain Beauty Hub


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