Blogger Secret Santa

As my first Christmas as a blogger, I was really happy to be able to join in a bloggers Secret Santa hosted by the amazing Casey @casestreetx (check out her blog at who did a phenomenal at job organising a gift exchange for over 40 people! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is buying gifts for others so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in and give a little back to the blogging community! As soon as I was matched I did a lot of reading about what I thought my blogger would like and tailored my presents to her blogging style and posts. This just made me even more excited to receive my gifts!  

So straight on to the main event and the reason you probably clicked on this post, what did I receive from my mystery Secret Santa blogger?

I am so happy with my gifts! They were from the lovely Lois @loislovesblog Definitely go and check her out and send her some love!

I can tell that Lois has really taken the time to read my blog and find out my interest. She has sent my favourite micellar water from Garnier, a really pretty OPI nail varnish, Impulse body spray, Aussie deep treatment hair mask for my hard to tame hair, a dead sea mud face mask from Montagne Jeunesse and the absolute star of the show, a personalised cosmetics bag with my name on it, and it is in rose gold!! 

I really appreciate the effort that Lois has made to read my blog posts and find out which products I like using. I wasn’t expecting to have so many items and I absolutely LOVE the personalised cosmetics bag (as you may know I am a sucker for items with my name on it!) I will definitely be using all of these products so thank you so much Lois!

Didn’t I do well! If you want to know what I bought for my blogger Secret Santa, keep an eye out for Bex’s post @theatricalmess!

For my final thoughts of 2018, I want to dedicate them to the lovely blogging community and family/friends who have shared and supported me along my blogging journey this year. My family (mum & sister especially!), friends and my fiancé have been amazing and really supportive of my blogging which I am really grateful for. The one thing that has surprised me the most about blogging is how many lovely people there out there in the community who show constant support of my content. It still baffles me that anyone reads it at all! Although I am still slowly growing my blog and social media, to anyone that has followed, liked, commented and read my bargain beauty ramblings, I really do appreciate you and how much of a difference you make to the content I create!

So I guess I am ending 2018 feeling grateful and hopeful that those who support me will continue to do so! Who knows, maybe I will have double the following next year. Whatever happens I am definitely going to continue blogging, nothing can stop me hunting down bargains!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I will see you in the New Year for lots of new content!

Kate xx

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