Beauty Advent Calendars: Are They Worth The Price?

If you don’t already follow my Instagram (which you should by the way), you may not have seen that I posted a daily opening of the Body Shop Advent Calendar from my sister. After some research, I think it may have been the 2017 version, but nevertheless it was filled with daily goodies and some quite similar contents to this year’s versions it seems!

Beauty Advent Calendars were extremely popular last year and in my opinion, were not cheap for a bargain hunter! Seeing as though I did not buy the calendar myself, I thought I would show you the full contents of the calendar and discuss a little as to whether I think beauty advent calendars are worth buying for yourself this year, are they a bargain after all?

As you can see, I received 24 different Body Shop products in the calendar ranging from shower gels, to lip balms, to hand cream. I absolutely love the Body Shop and I can see myself using nearly all of these products. I was also pleasantly surprised that there were so many makeup products included, especially a red matte lipstick (perfect!)

One of the cons of a beauty advent calendar is that there is always a risk that you will get products/scents that you don’t like, for example I don’t really use bar soap. I was also a little bit disappointed to get so many shower gels/body lotions as I would have expected a little bit more variety, however I can’t complain as they are great for travelling.

Although I don’t know the exact price that my sister paid for the advent calendar (RRP £65), I am really grateful for the gift as it was so fun to open the contents every day from December onwards and she has inspired this blog post! Without doing all of the calculations, I think that the actual contents themselves are worth more than the price of the calendar. The almond milk and honey body butter alone is worth £15, so in that sense you are getting a really good deal.

I think part of my difficulty with buying beauty advent calendars for myself is that I would be torn between looking at the contents to see whether I would like them or if they are worth the price and then spoiling the surprise by knowing what is inside, but maybe that is just me! I wouldn’t say that beauty advent calendars are ‘bargains’ as such, as it is unlikely you will like or use every single product inside. But you can get really good value for your money if you look around for the right one for you (or your sister knows you really well like mine!)

I am sure I will continue to have this battle with myself this year as after the success of this advent calendar, I will probably contemplate buying a beauty advent calendar. But who knows, maybe Santa will be so kind to treat me to one again!

P.S. If you are looking for some Body Shop bargains, then check out their sale before it’s all gone!

Kate xx

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