26th Birthday: My Top 6 Life Lessons (So Far)

Happy slightly early 26th birthday to me! *Cue the party poppers and singing* I don’t know why but 26 feels a LOT older than 25, maybe because now I am officially closer to 30 (help)! On my Instagram stories you voted for a more personal post which I rarely do as I am not usually a massive sharer online. So instead of doing ’26’ of something (where we might be here all day), I thought I would give you my top 6 life lessons or advice to my younger self (get it because I am 20+ 6? Not my most inventive…)

P.S. Soz if this gets a bit deep, back to beauty next week!

1) Don’t follow trends for the sake of it.

It is so tempting to stay ‘cool’ when you are younger and follow the trends when all of your friends are doing the same. I had a god awful side fringe in high school that I had cut because everyone else was doing it! (P.S. nothing wrong with a side fringe if you have one now.) But having a cows lick in my hair, the fringe was forever parting or basically looked stuck to my forehead. Unluckily for you I will not be inserting a picture! Stick to what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable, trust me.

2) Friends come and go and that is okay.

When you I was younger, I thought I would be best friends forever with everyone from my childhood. I am lucky to still be in touch with lots of my friends from school, but there are plenty of friends that have come and gone throughout my life. I used to worry about why we lost touch, but now I am older I realise it is just a normal part of life. The most important friends will stick around!

3) You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life.

This was probably one of the most difficult ones for me to accept. I had this master plan that I was going to follow one career path ever since I was in primary school. When it didn’t work out, I was devastated and panicked that I didn’t have any other career options. I should not have worried as there are so many different jobs out there and there a lot of people that are still figuring it out. I am definitely still figuring out where I want to be at 26 and I have finally accepted that that is okay!

4) The right person will come along.

I didn’t find my current fiancé until I was 18. Before then I had never had a boyfriend and had pretty much resided myself to the fact that I probably would never find one. Luckily for me he turned up when I least expected it and the rest is history! All I would say is that if you haven’t found anyone yet it doesn’t mean you won’t.

5) Your parents were right, sorry.

I, like many others I am sure, went through a time where I thought everything my parents said was wrong. I mean, of course I was wearing those gigantic heels out they looked great (they did not). As much as it pains me to say it as I know my mum will likely be reading, but, 99% of the time they were right and you should probably listen to them. (My mum and dad are amazing so obviously this won’t apply to everyone, but you get the gist.)

6) Remember to take care of yourself.

If you are run down, unwell or whatever it may be, please stop and take some time for yourself. I am definitely a bit of a hypocrite with this one as I often forget and my fiancé has to remind me. But I have found that over the years, the times where I have just kept going has made the situation a lot worse! It doesn’t have to be a full blown pamper session, it could just be taking some time out to read a blog post *hint, hint*

So what did you think of my more personal post? I hope that it resonated with some of you, I don’t know if I am the best advice giver! What is something you have learnt about yourself over the years? I would love to know!

Kate xx

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