£7 for 5 Lipsticks?! Bargain or Bust?

As a self confessed lipstick lover, I was really excited to receive the Revolution Pro (Revolution Beauty) Lipstick Collection for Christmas from good ‘ol Santa. I got the ‘Reds’ version which, if you know me is perfect! Here is a little insight into my thoughts around the products.

Revolution lipsticks

The collection consists of 5 varying shades of red ranging from more coral tones to pillar box red. The shades do look quite similar in the photographs but they are all different!

The best part is that this collection cost only £7 for 5 lipsticks!! Spoiler alert: I think this is amazing value, especially as I find the quality of Revolution Beauty products to be high!

Revolution lipsticks
Top-Bottom: Born With It, Make Me Crazy, Expression, Red Wine, Fever

All of the formulas are really pigmented and creamy. They are comfortable to wear and I haven’t yet had any experience with the lipsticks drying out your lips particularly. I would say that the lipsticks last an average amount of time however, transferring when eating and drinking. But on the plus side they are really easy to reapply and glide straight back on.

The one thing I probably dislike about the product is the packaging as they do feel a little bit cheap. But as they are at such a bargain it does make sense as to why the packaging may not be as luxurious!

All in all I would recommend checking out these lipsticks as essentially you can pick up 5 lipsticks for the price of one! I feel that you are definitely getting good value for money.

I would love to know what your favourite budget lip products are? Let me know in the comments!

Kate xx

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