Skincare for £5 and Under- Alex Steinherr X Primark

A few months ago I finally got my hands on some of Alex Steinherr’s skincare collaboration with Primark. Perfect for a bargain hunter like me, all of the items are £5 or less. Alex has said that she wanted to ‘make something really good, and accessible’ (read the article here) which is great for people like me looking for premium skincare at a lower price.

Alex Steinherr Primark

The two products that I picked up were the ‘Pollution Solution Gel Hydrator’ RRP £5 and the ‘Sleep Spa Overnight Lip Mask’ RRP £4. In my opinion, an affordable price for the amount of product.

Out of the two, by far my favourite product is the ‘Overnight Lip Mask.’ Although it has a pink tint to it, I use it in the evening to restore moisture to my lips. It has a thick consistency so avoid if you don’t like that sensation, but it is incredible for restoring my lips when they are dry and cracked. In my opinion it is well worth the money and I will be repurchasing this product.

Unfortunately I wasn’t very impressed by the ‘Gel Hydrator.’ It does have a gel consistency but feels a little bit slimy on application. I also haven’t noticed that it makes any difference to the moisture in my skin, I feel like the product sits on the skin rather than absorbing. This may be better for a lighter product to use in the summer rather than deep moisturisation that I need in the winter.

Overall, for the price I am pleased especially with the lip mask and I would be tempted to try another product in the range. Maybe I just didn’t pick the right moisturiser for my skin type!

Have you tried any of the range? I would love to know your thoughts too!

Kate xx

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5 thoughts on “Skincare for £5 and Under- Alex Steinherr X Primark

  1. I’ve never heard of this range or tried many of Primark’s range of beauty and skincare products. I’m searching for a new moisturiser myself but also hate ones that leave my skin feeling slimy.

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