Look Fantastic Beauty Box: New Brand Discoveries

This weekend we are throwing it way back to Black Friday in November, a time where I saw lots of different bargain beauty boxes floating around and also selling out very quickly! Luckily for me my mum was able to pick up the Look Fantastic Black Friday beauty box, which she gave me and my sister for Christmas (she really is the best!) I am probably way behind everyone by not knowing that Look Fantastic did anything like this. Obviously you aren’t able to get this box anymore but I still wanted to share the contents with you and tell you about the brands I am excited to try.

So what is Look Fantastic? Look Fantastic are an online beauty retailer that sell a massively wide range of products. I previously bought a couple of items from their website a long time ago, since then they have definitely grown and branched into beauty boxes it seems!

Click here to have a little explore of their website!

Look fantastic beauty box

What do I think about the box? I am blown away by the contents of the box, there are lots of high end brands, as well as a wide range of products from brands I haven’t heard of. I personally love exploring new brands so this box was perfect for me. Most significantly, the contents are worth over £107 with the box costing only £25! I would already say that it is worth keeping an eye out for in the future if they release any more limited edition boxes. I definitely will be sharing it with you all if I find any!

What is in the box? I split the photographs of the products into categories; hair/shower, skincare and makeup to show you how varied the contents are and to make it easier to pick my favourites!

Skincare look fantastic

The product I am most excited to try from the hair/shower category is the ‘Coconut Oil Body Exfoliating Bar’ by Dr Botanicals. As soon as I opened the box I could smell it! it is currently £14.50 on the Dr Botanicals website. Admittedly I would never spend this much on an exfoliating bar, but I am really excited to try this out, it smells divine and will be great for dry skin in the colder weather.

The product I am most excited to try from the skincare category is the Madara ‘ Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask’. Anything to do with hydration for your skin has my name written all over it. I am also looking forward to trying the bubble mask as I have seen them all over the internet and not yet tried them out!

makeup look fantastic

The product I was most excited to try from the makeup category was the Eyeko liquid eyeliner. I have actually tried this out a few times. I am not 100% convinced it is worth it’s high price tag of around £16, although I do like the product itself as it is long lasting.

Overall I think that this beauty box is amazing value for money.
This is why I love beauty boxes as they are perfect for trying out more expensive products on a budget. You can read more about my love for beauty boxes by clicking here. I would not personally purchase the products individually because of the price but I am really excited to try out all of these new brands.

What did you think of the box, are you subscribed to Look Fantastic?

Kate xx

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