My One Year Blog Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been one year already! When I posted my very first blog post one year ago which you can read here if you fancy a walk down memory lane, I set out to share my bargain alternatives with the blogging world without realising just how much I would love blogging as a hobby. My blog has gone through some upgrades throughout the year including new graphics, better photographs and an improved layout and I have to say that I am pretty proud of it!

I wanted to use this ‘blogiversary’ to reflect on my year in blogging and also to see how far I have come! It is really easy to compare yourself to others when you start blogging so I think this is a great opportunity to celebrate successes!

My Favourite Blog Posts of the Year

Would you have guessed that I have written 54 blog posts over the year with only weekend off! As soon as I started writing I just wanted to share more and more, but here are my absolute favourites from the past year:

One of my all time favourites has to be the first blog post that my fiancé (then boyfriend!) wrote: Boyfriend Reviews Gruum Skincare. It was so funny to hear his opinion and he has since been involved in quite a few blog posts. There will definitely be more to come!

Another of my favourite blog posts of the year came from when I attended the Prezzybox Jingle Mingle blogger event. I was so excited to be invited to my first ever blogger event where I met so many lovely people. I would love to attend more events in the future.

Lastly, another favourite blog post of mine was my Seatox Product Review. This was the first brand that had ever sent me their product to review so I remember it fondly! I love how the post turned out and it was so fun to try the new products.

What Have I Learnt About Blogging?

I think the biggest thing that I have learnt about blogging over the past year is not to give up. It definitely takes time to build up a following and although I do not have thousands of followers there are some really lovely people who I speak with on a regular basis. This is one of my favourite parts of blogging, interacting with others and knowing that people like reading my content or even buying the products I recommend!

I still have a lot left to learn about blogging, but I would say that the one thing that has helped my blogging journey is working hard on improving the quality of my content and photographs throughout the year. This has definitely helped with any opportunities I have been a part of.

Where Do I Want to Go Next?

I’d love to reach 1000 followers on both my Instagram and Twitter. I know that it is not all about the numbers but I would love to share my discoveries with even more people! I would also love to have 200 people subscribed to my blog. One of my biggest goals is also work with some brands in the future as this is some of my favourite content to create.

Have you been here since the beginning? I would love to know what you have enjoyed reading over the past year and I hope you stick with me for next year!

Kate xx

Bargain Beauty Hub

2 thoughts on “My One Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy one year anniversary!!! Thats so exciting! I can’t believe you’ve only had one week off in a whole year, I haven’t even blogged for 6 months yet and I’ve had many weeks off haha! Congrats xx

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