A Bargain Hunter’s Dream – The Mega Brand Box

My mum was amazing at buying Christmas presents in December as you will know if you have been reading my recent blog posts! I have to give her credit for finding all of these amazing bargain beauty buys, one of which I am going to be talking about today. Even though you cannot purchase a lot of these products anymore, if you are anything like me, I still love reading about beauty products regardless and I just had to share the products with you!

The Mega Brand box, filled with the goodies you see above, was a Boots Christmas ‘star gift’ and retailed for £45. It seems that the box was a collection of some of the products launched for Boots at Christmas. The box was also later reduced in the Boots sale from £45 to £22.50 and spoiler alert, it is such a bargain.

The box was filled with a wide range of full sized products from body mists, to bath fizzers, to makeup products. I have to say that one of favourite things about the box was the variety of products. It was also nice to see some brands that I have not tried before, I definitely did not know that Missguided made makeup products! On that note, let’s dive a little bit further into the Missguided ‘Unicorns Want to Be Me’ eyeshadow palette.

As I mentioned, I was not aware that Missguided made makeup products and I must admit that I didn’t have the highest expectations. But I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the eyeshadows, especially as the glitter looked like it would be really chunky. The eyeshadows were actually smooth and pigmented. There was hardly any fallout when applying to my eyes and they were also easy to blend. I am a little bit obsessed with the glitters! Unfortunately I don’t think that the palette is still on sale as it was a Christmas exclusive!

The Millie Mackintosh lip kit is my next favourite from the box. The lipstick is super creamy, easy to apply and surprisingly long lasting which again was not what I was expecting. On the other hand, the lip liner is okay, just a regular lip liner and I am yet to try the gloss as it is not really my thing. I think Millie really nailed it with the packing however as the gold makes the product feel a lot more high end.

skinny dip

The last product from the box that I will be reviewing in a little more depth is the Skinny Dip ‘On a High’ highlighter palette that you can actually still buy, wahoo! Click here for the palette which is currently half price for £7. One of the huge plus points of this palette is that it is cruelty free, something that I definitely want to start being more conscious of when shopping for beauty products. The pan size for the products is also really big! One of the negatives for me is that I am not the biggest fan of coloured highlighters and as you can see they are not the most ‘blinding’ swatches i’ve ever seen, but for the price the palette is not bad at all!

Overall I think this box is really good value for money, especially if you were able to get it for half price! The only products that I didn’t like as much were the Hype body mists. They were just okay, nothing very special or particularly long lasting.

I am yet to try the bath fizzer from Niomi Smart however so I will let you know my thoughts on that what I get a chance to try it!

What did you think of the box? Are there any products that you were surprised about?

Kate xx

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