Lilibeth Brow Shaper – First Impressions

I was recently sent the Lilibeth brow shaper from MakeupBoxLDN to try out and give my honest opinion. MakeupBoxLDN have a range of beauty products that I have never seen before, so I was really interested to give the brow shaper a try when they got in contact with me. As a gal with thick eyebrows, a product to help maintain my unruly brows and hair was something I was definitely excited about.

lilibeth shaper

What is the Lilibeth brow shaper?

The Lilibeth brow shaper is designed to remove unwanted hair quickly, easily and painlessly without tweezing or waxing. It is can be used above and below brows to shape and define, and it is also recommended for the upper lip situation, fuzzy hairlines, chin, bikini line, arms, toes or wherever you want to remove unwanted hair basically!

The tool is portable with a folding head and has a stainless steel blade designed not to cut or irritate skin. It’s retail price is £7.49 which is pretty reasonable!

How did it work for me?

Although it advises to use short gentle strokes, I definitely started off with too much pressure as it was slightly uncomfortable on first use. I found it quite difficult to use on my eyebrows to be honest as it was tricky to angle the blade under my brows. I also did slightly cut my eyebrow when trying it out for the first time so if you try it be more careful than me! I think this is a product that needs some practise. I probably will try out the product again on my eyebrows being a lot more careful next time!

I then decided to try the product on my upper lip and face fuzz and found that it worked really well for those areas. The hair was gliding off really easily making my skin feel super smooth. I found that it also helped my makeup glide on a lot smoother afterwards which was an added bonus! The way that the blade angle can be adjusted was great for this area and was a lot easier than using it on my eyebrows. It was also completely painless!

My final thoughts

As this was a first impression, once I get used to how the product works I think I will find it a lot easier. It does say that the product is ‘effortless’ which I wouldn’t necessarily agree with, but once you get the hang of angling the blade it does do the job straight away. This is a really interesting product that I will continue to use and would recommend if you aren’t a fan of waxing or plucking as it is completely painless.

If you want to try the product for yourself, you can use the discount code “kate10” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase! (This is purely just a discount for you at no commission for me!)

What do you think? Would you try out a product like this?

Kate xx

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5 thoughts on “Lilibeth Brow Shaper – First Impressions

  1. After discovery eyebrow razors I never went back to plucking with tweezers! It’s so much quicker (and painless of course) with this type of tool. And you’re right about the peach fuzz thing, the razor is a life saver.

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