The Ordinary (Cruelty Free): An Honest Review

I have seen reviews all over the blogging world about products from Deciem’s, ‘The Ordinary‘ range. It is largely a skincare collection of products that according to their website is based on ‘functional beauty.’ They pride themselves on honesty in their formulas with the products based on clinical technologies. This is definitely an area of skincare that I am less familiar with so I was really keen to give this brand a try. Another one of the main reasons people love The Ordinary products is the price. The products tend to start at as low as £5, perfect for the bargain lover in me, I just could not resist! As you may know, I am also currently trying to choose more cruelty free brands, therefore I pleased to advise that The Ordinary products are all cruelty free.

I must admit that when I went to the shop in Covent Garden to pick up some products for the first time, I didn’t expect the queue to be out of the door. Although this gave me an indication as to how popular the products are, I found it really difficult to ask any staff for advice on the products because of the volume of people they were serving. In hindsight, I should have done my research first on the products to see which would suit my skin as the skincare is so different to anything I have tried before. In the end I picked two products that looked like they would suit me the most and stayed away from the acids and more scientific sounding products! Next time I would like to give these type of products a go with a bit more guidance.

The products that I ended up picking were the High Coverage Foundation RRP £5.90 and the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA RRP £4.90.

The ordinary moisturiser and foundation

I’ll start with the foundation which I picked up in the shade 1.2N. Again, as the shop was so busy, I had to judge the colour by eye, so it is not the perfect match but I think it is pretty close. I did like that the foundation had options for different undertones, but again, silly me did not do my research before going to the shop so I did a bit of guesswork! I have heard this foundation hyped up before so I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as amazing as I expected. It is a thicker formula as it is high coverage, however I personally found it difficult to blend into my skin. I did really like the finish of the foundation once blended, but I noticed that it started to spread around on my skin throughout the day leaving me looking patchy, especially around my nose. I unfortunately will not be repurchasing this product which is a shame.

Now onto the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA cream. Again, I was not blown away by the product. It is a medium consistency which I like in a moisturiser and it doesn’t have a strong scent. It did make my skin feel moisturised after using but it just wasn’t anything special for my skin. I much prefer the No7 night cream that I am currently using, which although is more expensive just completely transforms my skin when I use it. You can read more about this product in my past blog post by clicking here!

Well that wasn’t the greatest success but I will always be honest if products don’t work out for me. I don’t know whether because the products are so hyped that I set an unrealistic expectation? Do you ever feel like that about a brand/product? To be fair, I am not sure whether I got the full experience from The Ordinary products that I selected as there may be some that would be more suitable for my skin. What do you think, should I give the products another try or which do you think would suit me better?

Kate xx

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2 thoughts on “The Ordinary (Cruelty Free): An Honest Review

  1. My favourite product of there is actually the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA cream purely because its just a basic moisturiser that doesn’t break me out and does exactly what it’s meant to do. I also love their Azeliac Suspension for pigmentation scars. I’m yet to try the foundation but if it doesn’t blend too well then I might be giving this one a pass.

    Adell ♥


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