FFS! Friction Free Shaving – What’s it all about?

*This company has now been rebranded to FFS Beauty. Head to their website for an update*

I was recently very kindly sent a gift set by *Friction Free Shaving (who do acknowledge what their acronym can also stand for!), to try their shaving products and give my honest opinion. Friction Free Shaving is a shaving subscription box for women that starts at £9 a month with free delivery. You know how much I love a good subscription box! Each month you are sent a set of 4 blades along with the blade handle with your first box. The blades are said to have ‘6 diamond-coated steel blades per head’ and a ‘Lubricating Vitamin E strip’ along with other benefits.

One of the things that I loved about the idea of the box was the fact that through using this subscription, I would be using less plastic, as usually I buy disposable razors. I try and make the blades last to save some money, but in reality the disposable razors turn blunt very quickly so I have to throw them anyway! Friction Free Shaving is a great way to start looking at more sustainable options.

Some more benefits of Friction Free Shaving is that all of their products are cruelty free which is fantastic. They also have a F‑List Members Rewards Club – where you can earn credit for friend referrals to get fashion and beauty vouchers (result!)

So onto the products themselves! Straight away by looking at their website I was really attracted by their branding and packaging. Would you just look at it! I am a sucker for some good packaging. This is their gift set which retails at £33. The set comes with the razor handle, three creams, shower holder, blade cover, travel bag and blades. It is worth noting that this set includes more products than the standard £9 subscription.

Friction free shaving gift box

The blade handle that I was sent with the gift box is called ‘Silvia‘ and even better, it is engraved with my name! This would usually cost an additional £6 with the regular subscription. The razor handle feels extremely high quality and I loved the added touch of the engraving. I usually say put my name on anything and I love it but I actually am a little bit obsessed with this razor. (Is that normal?!)

Friction free shaving blade and creams

The blades themselves are really easy to attach to the handle and just click into place. You then change the blades weekly to ensure a smooth shave each time. I don’t think I realised how blunt and the poor quality of the razors I was using until I started using this razor. From the very time first I used it (and even for sensitive areas I must add), I didn’t feel any irritation.

Another great part of the subscription is that if you feel that you have too many blades you can get in touch with Friction Free Shaving and request to not be billed (or receive blades) for a month. It means that you only pay for what you need rather than ending up with a huge stock.


Of course, I have also been trying out the creams sent with the razor and I have really been enjoying them. They smell amazing, they are cruelty free and leave my skin feeling really moisturised. Out of all of the creams I would say I like the shave cream the most if you wanted to try it out. I don’t think the creams are 100% essential to the subscription but they definitely do what they claim to do!

Now I have tried out this razor i’m not sure if I can go back to disposable razors! I am going to look at signing up for their monthly subscription as I just didn’t realise how much of an impact a good razor can make but it honestly is so smooth.

If you are interested in buying the subscription, Friction Free Shaving have kindly provided me the discount code ‘BARGAINBEAUTY’ which you can use to get 25% off your first box and free engraving! I don’t receive any commission from this, you just get a cheaper product! This code will not apply to the gift box and needs to be entered in the ‘apply coupon’ box at the checkout.

I would love to know what you think of this subscription and whether you are going to try it out?

Kate xx

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5 thoughts on “FFS! Friction Free Shaving – What’s it all about?

      1. Basically it’s a razor that houses a single razor blade that you can remove, discard and replace when it goes dull. No plastic waste at all, which is nice, and you can buy a pack of 100 razor blades for £10 or less so it’s really cost effective once you’ve shelled out for the handle part.

        I was worried when I started using it that I’d cut myself too easily, since it’s just one really sharp blade, but I’ve not nicked myself any more than I did with fresh multi-blade heads. If anything I get less cuts than before.

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