Travel Mini’s Blogger Box Swap

One of my favourite things about blogging is definitely the lovely people I have met along the way. The blogger community can sometimes be targeted for negativity, however it can be overlooked that there is also so much positive sharing going on. I was inspired to continue sharing this positivity through a new blogger collaboration! This time I had a little idea, with Summer approaching I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the travel beauty products that are on the market.

I was thrilled when Sasha @changingthesails (EDIT: I believe Sasha may have now closed her blog!) agreed to join me in a travel mini’s beauty box swap (try saying that ten times fast!) Sasha is a lifestyle and travel blogger, so the perfect person to collaborate with! We had a budget of £10 each to see which products we could find for the price. We also shared with eachother the holidays we have planned so that we could select our products more carefully. I knew that Sasha was going interrailing very soon, so I thought about choosing products that were multi-use, light to carry and easy to use! Here are the products that I received from Sasha-

Travel mini's box swap contents
Side note: The camera and postcard are mine as props, not part of the box swap!

It is amazing the amount of products that you can get for £10 when shopping in the travel mini’s section. I was so excited to receive 8 products which are perfectly suited to me! I don’t know why but there is something about travel sized products that I love as well (am I the only one?!) I’ll let Sasha explain below her thoughts behind the products:

Sasha - changing the sails

Sasha has been so thoughtful with her products and really has covered beauty from head to toe! Thank you so much Sasha for being involved in this box swap and I hope you love the products I picked for you too. Head over to Sasha’s blog next weekend linked below to see the products I picked for her.

What did you think of this idea, should I start a blogger box swap series?

If you are a blogger that wants to collaborate with me then please do get in touch on I am open to all your amazing ideas!

Kate xx

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5 thoughts on “Travel Mini’s Blogger Box Swap

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  2. So glad we did this collaboration – it worked out perfectly and we have both received products that we love! It’s been lovely working with you 💗

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