The Pocket Palette: Travel Makeup Kit Review

If you are a follower of mine on my social media (cheeky plug: you will have seen that my very lovely friend and inventor Lynda from The Pocket Palette* recently sent me her innovative travel makeup kit to try. This product is so different to anything I have seen before so I was really excited to try it out. I believe that currently the product is only sold in the USA, however I know that there are plans to sell in the UK so definitely watch this space! I feel very privileged to have the chance to try out this product in the UK so I just want to say thank you so much to Lynda.

As the kit is designed for travelling, I took the makeup kit on a recent trip to give it a real test. Although this product was kindly gifted, the views are still my own!

Pocket Palette

What is the Pocket Palette?

The Pocket Palette is a travel makeup kit designed for beauty on the go. It includes three products, a mascara, lip/cheek product and BB cream which comes in 4 shades that are all cruelty free! I must say I was surprised at just how light and compact the product is. As Lynda explains on her website, it is ‘the size of a post-it note and is really thin too’. It really easily slips into the smallest of handbags and would not add any weight to a suitcase.

You can buy the kits based on your BB cream shade (or foundation for darker skin) in packs or as a single palette costing only $4, a really good price for 3 products in one! The back of the pack explains how to use each product and shows the full ingredient list. I was kindly sent the shade ‘light’ as I have very fair skin.

Pocket Palette Ingredients

How does it work?

To use this product, you simply tear the top of each packet to open and squeeze out the contents (apart from the mascara which you just remove from the packet.) I also love the fact that the products can be used separately. If you don’t want to use them all at the same time, you can tear them apart from each other and save one for later!

Pocket Palette Separated

What do the products look like?

Although I did take my own makeup with me on my trip, I substituted my usual makeup products for the Pocket Palette alternatives to see how they would fit into my routine. Let me know if you would like to see a review of me solely using the Pocket Palette for a makeup look!

I started off with step 1, the BB cream for my base. I was impressed at how much product there was in the packet which easily covered my whole face. Admittedly, I do prefer more of a full coverage, so I did add a small touch of my own foundation after this photograph was taken. If I was going for a lighter makeup look however this would definitely work really well as it was really easy to blend.

As I was using my own makeup as well as the Pocket Palette, I added the next steps in my makeup routine and then I went a little bit out of sync with the kit by moving on step 3, mascara. I was really intrigued about how this mascara would work! It performed well, at separating and lengthening my lashes rather than adding a lot of volume. I was pleasantly surprised at how much product I could add to my lashes seeing as though I couldn’t dip back into a tube!

I lastly added step 2 as a lip product which was a lovely bright pink colour, a lot brighter than I expected however I think it suited my skin tone! Again, it applied really nicely and it was pigmented, although i’m not sure how you would reapply as a lip product throughout the day if you throw the packet away. If you are not clumsy like me it may survive in your handbag!

full makeup look
Here was my final look after using the Pocket Palette as part of my regular makeup routine.

What are my final thoughts?

I have to say that I am impressed at how the products performed and their quality for the price. They were really easy to use and could even have been applied without brushes or sponges. I think this product would be ideal for festivals and camping as it is so compact and can basically give you a full makeup look without lugging a big makeup bag around! I would also definitely take this product travelling again for touch ups and light makeup days.

What do you think about this product? Have you seen anything like it?

Thank you so much again to Lynda! Definitely go and check the product out on Instagram:

Pocket palette instagram

Kate xx

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