Wedding Planning: Tips, Apps and Organisation

You’ve just got engaged, congratulations! But now you need to dive into the crazy whirlwind of weddings, where to start?! I have to admit at the beginning of the planning process I found it extremely overwhelming as there were so many elements to consider. But please know that if you don’t want to use a wedding planner, you can absolutely plan it yourself! I had never planned anything more than a small party previously and I am definitely no expert but I have ended up really enjoying it. I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite websites, apps and general organisation tips that I have found helpful along the way. You will be really surprised at how easy it can be!

Free Wedding Planning Apps

I wanted to start off by sharing my favourite free wedding planning apps as these are the planning tools that I have found the most useful. Super easy to use and practical with access straight from your phone. They are also really great when you are starting out as they tell you about all of the elements you will need for your wedding, some you may not have even thought about yet!


This is my most used app, a central place to store your guestlist, budget and wedding checklist. Using their checklist for tasks to complete has been extremely helpful as not only does it tell you which tasks to complete but gives you an idea of timescale as to when to complete these. You can also store information about all of your wedding suppliers, as trust me, you will want to remember which supplier is doing what!


Another great app for anyone who isn’t sure about the components you will need to plan a wedding. It basically generates a huge list of tasks to do which are really satisfying to tick off as you go. It has helped me to keep on track and shared elements of the wedding I hadn’t thought about.

Wedding Websites

Here is a list of some useful websites when you are looking for your wedding suppliers:

Organisation Tips

Get a wedding planning book. I know it is cliche but having a planner is great for jotting down ideas, writing out your guest list and keeping your supplier contact numbers altogether. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money on it and you may prefer to keep this information electronically, I just personally like keeping a notebook!

wedding planning

Buy a wedding folder. When I first started going to wedding fairs, which can be massively overwhelming, I picked up so many leaflets from different suppliers. I bought myself a cheap folder and polypockets and sectioned these into categories such as cakes, dresses, stationery and kept the leaflets for the suppliers I was interested in. A top tip is to not keep everything you receive from wedding fairs, you will need to be a bit brutal about making decisions! A folder is also useful for keeping all of your important contracts and documents together in one place.

Order stationery samples. When you are looking for the perfect invitations, it is difficult to know what they will look like by viewing them online. If a company offer samples (which are usually free or P&P only), I would recommend requesting these. I found that invitations that I loved online were completely different to what I expected when they arrived as a sample!

Read wedding magazines/articles. You will be amazed at how many ideas can come from wedding magazines. Granted, a lot of the weddings you will read about will be very unrealistic, but there are elements and ideas from these weddings that I have taken on board in my wedding plan. I also found it a really relaxing way to do some research.

I hope that you found some of these tips helpful! I wish you all the best of luck with your wedding planning. It may not seem like it now but you absolutely will get there. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask others for help, they will love to be involved trust me!

Kate xx

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