Revolution Beauty – Makeup You Need, Like Right Now

Revolution Beauty are one of my absolute favourite make up brands, as you may notice that they have featured a lot on my blog over the past year. They are a cruelty free and super affordable high street brand that are taking over the beauty scene and quite rightly so! Their products are really good quality for the price and if you are a packaging junkie, they have lots of innovative ideas. Revolution Beauty have also collaborated with many influencers on their massive range of makeup and skincare as well as hair and body products, which is only increasing their hype and popularity. Spoiler alert, I really do think they are worth the hype, I am yet to find a product from their range that I don’t like!

Side note: I am really keen to get into their skincare, so any recommendations you can give me send them over!

Revolution beauty makeup top picks

I want to get straight into sharing with you my top picks from Revolution Beauty for those of you on a budget like me but still want to look like a million dollars. And be warned, if you want pretty ‘untouched’ makeup pictures then look away now as these products have been used!

Two revolution eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow Palettes

It’s difficult to pick but probably my favourite Revolution Beauty products are their eyeshadows. I have written all about them on a previous blog post Eyeshadow Palettes You Need so I won’t go into them too much, but basically they are really pigmented with super pretty shades. These palettes in particular are only £4 per palette. You can get palettes with a lot more adventurous colours and cool packaging for a only few pounds more. Speaking of which, I really need to pick up one of their foil palettes which look dreamy!

revolution beauty lipsticks


I am picky when it comes to my go to lipsticks, but Revolution Beauty always pull it out of the bag with their affordable lipsticks. I have quite a few from the brand, however if you are interested in trying these out, the ones pictured above include one of the Pro Collection Red lipsticks which is part of a set of 5 that are currently only £7 on the Revolution Beauty website, as well as the Soph Lipstick in the shade ‘Cake’, currently only £2! I find the lipstick formulas to be really creamy and for the price they last pretty well. Head over to my to see what these products look like on the lips!

revolution conceal and define foundation


The hype about this Conceal & Define foundation is all true. It is a full coverage foundation that does not feel heavy on the skin. I love the wide range of shades that they have, as a pale gal I often either get the choice of bright white or slightly too orange so the foundation selection works really well for me. The only slight comment I have is that I am not a massive fan of the applicator (I would prefer a pump!) but at only £9, I think this foundation rivals its more expensive competitors.

revolution makeup highlighters


My one true love! Highlighters are a staple part of my makeup routine and Revolution Beauty definitely do not let me down in this department. I have used their Reloaded Lustre Lights highlighter palette RRP £5 every single day since getting this in January (not an exaggeration!) The shades are highly pigmented and buildable to a really high shine. Also, how cute is the packaging of the heart highlighter! Highly recommended for a glow on a budget.

So there you have my top picks, all for under £10! Just putting this post together and scrolling through their website, I have seen so many more products that I want to try from Revolution Beauty. Am I missing any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments, I think I deserve a bit of a spree…

Kate xx

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9 thoughts on “Revolution Beauty – Makeup You Need, Like Right Now

  1. I have that heart highlighter! My old housemate bought it me for my birthday as I didn’t know how to contour and I now couldn’t live without it – I’ve also had it for SO long and it hasn’t run out! Love those eyeshadow pallets too.

    Char | x

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  2. I have loved Revolution beauty too for the past year as they just seem to nail formulas and concepts! I think they’re great for accessibility and inclusion as they’re getting so good at shade ranges and also the price is amazing. I also love that they are working with influencers and giving them a chance to express themselves and showing them that they believe in them. I think they’re an amazing brand that deserve the hype! I haven’t tried their eyeshadows yet so I think I might have to invest, I will be checking out your post linked about best eyeshadows!
    Alex xx

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