Trying Oh K! Korean Skincare (Cruelty Free)

Korean skincare otherwise known as ‘K-Beauty’ has being make some big waves in the beauty community. Super cute packaging and innovative products have been popping up all over the place with brands such as Touch in Sol (which excitingly has just landed in Boots!) and Saturday Skin. South Korea is said to be way ahead of the rest of the world with it’s beauty inventions and their multiple step skin care routines. I had to get a piece of the action, but on a budget of course, so I found cruelty free Korean skincare brand Oh K! who ‘create high-performing, playful everyday beauty and skincare experiences.’ They are fully cruelty free and do not test on animals.

Oh K! face mask

Oh K! are all about the masks, from face masks to feet masks to hair masks, there is a mask for pretty much everything! Their masks are really affordable and can range from around £3.50 to £7, with the pricier masks tending to be those that include the renowned multiple step skin care routines. They even have an eight step travel mask that I need to try! Keep an eye out for their bundles too for some great deals.

I picked up the Oh K! 3-Step Anti-Pollution Mask RRP £7 which includes three different ‘marine infused‘ products designed to ‘help combat the drying effects of pollution and improve the appearance of skin‘. I had never tried a three step skincare routine before so I was really interested to see if it would be any better than a standard face mask.

Oh K routine

The first step in the routine was the cleanser which smelt really fresh and definitely reminded me of the sea. I simply rubbed this into my skin and washed off with water leaving me with a fresh base. I then went onto the mask which was soaked full of product and let that sit for 10 minutes. Again this had a really nice scent to it but I personally would prefer a little less product on the mask as it was soaked! Lastly I applied the soothing serum which sunk straight into my skin leaving me feeling fully refreshed.

My skin is definitely thankful for all of the moisture that has been put back after using these products. It was a great way to relax by taking my time going through the additional steps and I do feel that I have got good value for money with three products in one. I would definitely use a three step routine again as I feel that it has locked in the effects of the face mask.

I am really intrigued by K Beauty after my experience with Oh K! and would love to try out some of their other innovative masks. Have you ever tried Korean skincare? Which brands would you recommend?

Kate xx

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9 thoughts on “Trying Oh K! Korean Skincare (Cruelty Free)

      1. Oh geez my list is huge 🙈 I follow a 10 step routine daily but my stand out products (for sensitive skin) are Pyunkang Yul Essence toner and moisture ampuole, etude house moisture sleeping pack and the cosrx good morning cleanser. But I’ve not tried anything I’ve disliked so far! Which has been great for my skin but not my purse! Xx

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      2. It takes a little while at first whilst you’re getting used to all the steps but I have it down to 10 mins am and pm now (minus the sheet mask time). It’s my daily self care/ me time. There’s an article on cruelty free international that states all animal testing was banned in South Korea as of 2018. So another huge bonus! Xx

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