Free Makeup?! Revolution Beauty – Haul and First Impressions

Yes, I know, I know, more Revolution Beauty, but who can blame me with this haul of dreams! Recently, Revolution Beauty were running an offer where if you spend £30 on their website you get a free mystery bag worth £25! I mean they had me at the words mystery bag really. I am a complete sucker for anything like this and was I really excited to see what products I would get for free. Let’s dive straight into the haul!

Revolution beauty purchases

Here are the all of the products that I actually purchased for £30 i.e. that were not in the mystery bag. I was really pleased to get this many products for only £30 let alone getting more for free (more on this later!)

What’s in the haul?

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow PaletteRRP £12

Probably one of the most beautiful palettes I own and the most expensive product in this haul. I have just started to have a play around with this palette and so far I am absolutely loving it. Highly pigmented and well worth the money, it could easily be mistaken for a more luxury product.

Pro New Neutral Palette

Revolution Soph Nude Lipstick – SyrupRRP £4, currently only £2

Revolution Pro New Neutral Satin Matte Lipstick – VelvetRRP £5

To add to my large collection of lipsticks that I definitely don’t need, is another from the ‘Soph’ collection as well as one from their ‘New Neutral’ collection. Both are highly pigmented and super easy to apply. The New Neutral lipstick is more matte which I prefer but both are really pretty shades.

Revolution lipsticks

Revolution Lip Conditioner – RRP £3, currently only £2.10

This is probably one of the only products from Revolution that I haven’t really liked. It is super silky and almost slimy which I personally don’t get on with! It’s not awful but not a product I will be reaching for.

Revolution Shimmer Brick – Radiant – RRP £3, currently only £1.50

I was looking for a cruelty free replacement for my current shimmer brick-esque product and this is the ideal substitute. Super shimmery which I love and an absolute bargain price!

Revolution Skin Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Hydrating Face Mask – RRP £8

I had to have my first try of Revolution’s skincare products and I was not disappointed. My skin absolutely soaks up this product! Perfect for the lazy skincare routine, you simply put this on your skin a couple of times a week before bed and let it do it’s job. The product mentions that there may be a residue on your skin in the morning but my face loves this product so much that it absorbs it all. A new favourite to add to my current skincare routine.

Revolution sleep mask

Mystery Bag Contents

Now for the ultimate excitement, the mystery bag contents! Inside the bag were 5 more full sized makeup products including an eyeshadow palette. Straight away I was so pleased that they included products I would actually use!

Products in the mystery bag:

Revolution Liquid Highlighter Liquid – Rose Gold – RRP £6

Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer – Keep lying for you – RRP £3

Revolution Skin Kiss – Golden Kiss – RRP £5

Revolution Duo Face Sculpt – RRP £4

Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Palette – RRP £6.99

Altogether the products in the mystery bag retail at £24.99 (I know i’ve been ripped off 1p!) Jokes aside, I am really pleased with the products in the mystery bag, especially the Skin Kiss highlighter and Iconic Pro 2 eyeshadow palette which I will get the most use out of.

Altogether my haul was worth precisely £59.99. A total bargain seeing as though I only spent £30. Not to sound like a broken record but I just love this brand so much. I can’t think of another cruelty free makeup brand that are so affordable yet still continue to produce high quality products. Feel free to prove me wrong in the comments, I am always up for trying new brands!

Kate xx

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