5 Cruelty Free Products for £5 and Under

There is definitely a misconception in the beauty industry that cruelty free products are more expensive. If you are also thinking about making the switch to cruelty free products, do not despair, there are plenty of great cruelty free brands out there for a budget. Here are my top five cruelty free products that can be bought for £5 or even less! *This post contains affiliate links and some previously gifted products.

Autumn cruelty free beauty

The Body Shop ® Sheet Masks

Vitamin E sheet mask – RRP £3.50, Drops of Youth sheet mask – RRP £5.00 *gifted

The Body Shop ®, one of my favourite cruelty free brands have amazing sheet masks for less than £5. Ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot on skincare but still want to feel the luxury effects. The sheet masks are also drenched in product, so if you are careful you can get more than one use out of them or definitely use the remaining serum from the packet throughout the week. Highly recommended for a skin boost.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara – RRP £3.30

I have loved this mascara for years, so when I decided to change to only cruelty free products I was so happy that Essence are a cruelty free brand! This is the only mascara I have found for less than £5 that still gets me compliments on my eyelashes to this day. You can read a bit more about this mascara (as I have talked about it a lot of times) by clicking here for my Essence makeup favourites.

Alex Steinherr Overnight Lip Mask – RRP £4.00

A firm staple in my evening skincare routine, this lip mask from the Alex Steinherr range for Primark is amazing for adding moisture back into your lips. I find that especially in the change of seasons my lips turn really dry, so using this product over night can really help heal any dryness. I have also written previously about a few other products I have tried in her range which I would highly recommend taking a look at for quality skincare at low prices. Click here to read this previous blog post.

Revolution Beauty Vivid Shimmer Brick – Currently only £1.50!

Part of my huge Revolution Beauty haul (which you can read about here), this shimmer brick is so pigmented you definitely need a light touch! The formula is smooth and applies in only one swipe. Not full of chunky glitter like other highlighters and an amazing price as it’s currently on sale for a bargain £1.50!

Revolution highlighter

Superdrug Vitamin E Exfoliator Scrub – RRP £3.49

Superdrug’s own brand products are cruelty free and their Vitamin E scrub is one of my favourites. I use this product twice a week to help remove dry skin and it does not irritate my face at all. I think this product may have slightly changed name since I purchased it last, however I would really recommend as an effective, affordable scrub for dry skin. One thing to note however is that it is slightly messy due to the oatmeal pieces in the formula!

What are your top cruelty free bargain beauty products? I’d love to know! One of my favourite things is to hear your recommendations!

Kate xx

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5 thoughts on “5 Cruelty Free Products for £5 and Under

  1. I already love ALL of these brands which would be so great if I decided to switch over to only cruelty free brands. I love Essences mascaras and the Alex Steinherr range! These are all amazing products and ranges which I would recommend regardless whether you only shop cruelty free or not! Great post
    Alex xx


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