Guest Blog @SophieAnnPhotography- How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

I am really excited to be sharing some more wedding advice with you before my big day next year. This post is especially exciting as I am teaming up with Sophie (an actual wedding photographer) on this guest post collaboration! Don’t forget to check out her portfolio if you are looking for a wedding photographer and head over to Sophie’s website to check out my tips for planning a wedding on a budget! *All photographs are owned by Sophie Ann Photography.

Hey everyone, I’m Sophie! I’m a wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire capturing people in love across The Midlands and UK. Wedding planning is full of big decisions, but choosing the person you wish to document your day is often the hardest  I’ve been there myself and know how difficult it can be, so a big thank you to Kate for allowing me to share my advice to help you along the way.


The most important thing is that you LOVE the images you see. Not just like, but truly love them and be able to picture yourself in them in the months to come.

Think about the way the images are edited, the poses you see and the type of images as a whole. Are there lots of formal, posed shots or more natural photos of people enjoying the day? Are the colours true to life or edited to suit their style?

Finding portfolios that you both feel strongly about is a great starting point to cut your list down. If you don’t, it’s time to look at the next one!


As photographers, it’s an obvious choice to put our absolute best work on our portfolio. The galleries we deliver on a wedding day, though, aren’t JUST the pretty, posed couple session.

Over anything within this post, make sure you are sent a selection of full galleries so you can actually see what you may receive after your day. There’s nothing worse than having high expectations and being let down, so just be sure their work is consistent.


Traditionally, wedding photographers capture the ceremony, a few couple photos plus a lengthy list of group shots. This being everyone from your great grandpa right down to your third cousin in laws sister. Now, photographers each have their own approach to a wedding day, so decide what suits you.

Do you want to just enjoy your day knowing someone is behind the scenes capturing it, or would you prefer to spend an hour or two on group shots? Are there any quirky, posed photos you’d like, or are you majorly camera shy and don’t really want any posed at all?

As a photographer, I’m somewhere in the middle! I capture the natural moments, but also a beautiful couple session and a short list of group photos if wanted. The most important thing for me though, is that my couples enjoy their day.


If you find yourself stuck between a few photographers, testimonials are a wonderful thing! After all, the reviews you see are all from people who were once exactly where you are. They are an amazing tool to help make an informed decision. A top tip is to look out for them on their social media pages. It’s good to know that they are genuine to avoid false reviews on their website!


Lastly, something that is key once your deposit is paid, is paperwork! Whether posted or emailed or through an online system like myself, you should receive a receipt to acknowledge your payment, invoices for future payments AND most importantly a contract. If you don’t receive a contract, don’t go any further with your booking!

Thanks so much to Kate for having me write a guest post. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day, I may well be the girl for you. I’d love to chat with you about your plans! You can find all things wedding and photography over on my website, plus a portfolio to feast your eyes on – Thank you again to Kate for having me!

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