Trying UpCircle Beauty: Cruelty Free, Repurposed Skincare

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quieter around here than usual, that’s because I have just moved house and boy was that a stressful time! I am now finally starting to settle in and have lots of product reviews that I would like to share with you as we go into the colder months. As my skin becomes drier over the autumn, it is the perfect time to switch up my skincare routine. There is one particular brand of skincare that I am adding into my rituals as they are different to any I have seen before.

I originally saw UpCircle Beauty as an advert on my Instagram page ( if you’re interested!) Straight away their packaging and products really intrigued me as they stated that they made skincare products from leftover natural ingredients, and that is exactly what the company is all about! The story of UpCircle Beauty started with a concern that they were throwing away used coffee grounds daily and the waste that this left behind. Instead of these going to waste, UpCircle Beauty repurposed the ingredients to make skincare products such as scrubs and oils, how clever is that!

All of their products are vegan and cruelty free with fully recyclable packaging. As they state, UpCircle Beauty are a sustainable company and one I really want to support.

First Impressions

As I had not tried any of the products before, I picked up the UpCircle ‘You Brew-ty‘ Pamper Kit for £5.99 as it included sachets of the full UpCircle coffee range giving me a good chance to sample their range and find the one that suited me best.

I absolutely love the way the products were packaged, in a simple but well designed box and they also came with a handwritten note which I thought was a lovely touch.

Inside the package I received three face scrubs, three body scrubs and a face oil, all designed for different skin types. As I mentioned, I get really dry skin so I wanted to try out the face scrub first to see if that would help.

Each coffee face scrub is designed with a particular skin type in mind. I picked the Citrus Blend designed for dehydrated/dry skin to try first as this product is more suited to my skin type. The consistency of the product is much like I expected as it is made with coffee grounds! I wasn’t 100% keen on this particular scent but it didn’t smell like coffee as much as I thought it would.

As you would expect the product is extremely messy so do not use a new towel to remove once you have washed your face! The scrub definitely felt like it was removing dry skin, wasn’t too abrasive and my face felt really smooth afterwards. The scrub did also leave behind some of the natural oil residue which I really liked.

Overall I would recommend this natural scrub over others I have used before, due to the fact that it helps towards saving the planet and still does a great job at removing dry skin. I am now looking forward to trying out the body scrubs and facial oil!

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the eco-conscious, then UpCircle Beauty also have gift sets with full sized products as well as their chai soap bars. I am really glad that I purchased these products and will definitely consider switching to their face scrub in the future!

Have you ever tried a product like this? What are your thoughts?

Kate xx

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