Trying Q + A Skincare (Cruelty Free)

I am always on the hunt for new, innovative and most importantly, budget friendly brands. I was therefore delighted to be selected by the lovely Lucy at Q+A skincare to try out their new range of products over the Christmas break. I was attracted to the brand firstly because of their prices, as the most expensive product is only £12! Also, as I have recently been trying to use products with cleaner ingredients, Q+A skincare seemed like a good place to start.

Before we get into the product reviews, here is a little bit of background on what the company is all about.

We understand that skincare products can be confusing, so our mission is to simplify skincare and explain your skin needs through our unique Q+A checklist. All our products have been formulated with your skin-type in mind.
At Q+A, we know the power of naturals. That’s why our skincare range is 98% natural. Each one of our products features a range of key natural ingredients that will give you your best complexion yet.’

Q+A packaging

Straight away, I loved Q+A’s concept of making skincare straightforward. Through their skincare checklists, each box and bottle/pot explains what the product is designed for, what time of day to use it and how often to apply. You can also use their website when shopping to highlight any skin concerns, and take the skin type quiz to see which products would suit you best. I loved this idea as it takes the guess work out of skincare shopping and application!

So lets get into the products themselves. Just as a disclaimer, I have been trying these products over a period of 2 weeks so results may change with future use!

Unusually, these products are not scented (the eye serum had a slight hint of cucumber). I personally prefer scented skincare as it makes me feel more relaxed, but if you have sensitive skin then these products could be perfect for you.

My favourite by far is the Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum which my dry skin just drinks up. I was initially apprehensive about using a product with the word ‘acid’ in it, however the product is really gentle and ideal for adding an extra level of moisture into my skincare routine. The product retails for £6.50 which is very affordable in my opinion.

The Collagen Face Cream RRP £12 and Caffeine Eye Serum RRP £6.50 I am a little bit more undecided on. I do prefer a moisturiser with a scent, so it has been different using the Collage Face Cream, which almost has a sort of play-doh scent to it. It does feel nice on my skin, however I haven’t seen any significant benefits yet, but bear in mind it has only been 2 weeks. Similarly, I haven’t really noticed any effect after using the Caffeine Eye Serum. However, after feeding back to the brand, I was advised to pop it into the fridge which should help. (Love a brand that takes feedback on board!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get on with the Super Food Facial Oil RRP £8. I found it too greasy for my skin and had to take it off after application. You can’t win them all!

Overall I love the concept of the Q+A brand and how they are making skincare really simple to use with clean ingredients. I can’t wait to see how they develop as I think they have some really great ideas. I’m not sure whether all the products I was sent particularly suited my skin, but I will definitely be continuing to use the Hyaluronic Acid serum which is a new addition to my skincare routine. If you have sensitive skin in particular, this could be potentially be a really great brand for you.

What do you think of the concept? Let me know in the comments!

Kate xx

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