Night Time Routine with Sassy Shop Wax

*Products very kindly gifted by Sassy Shop Wax.

One thing i’m not always good at is getting a restful sleep. As a blogger, social media is my best friend, and I find myself staying up late scrolling on my phone which sometimes makes it difficult to drift off! I have wanted to make an effort to change this for a while by adding some calming and relaxing elements into my night time routine. When I saw that Sassy Shop Wax were looking for bloggers to try their ‘sleepy’ scents, it was like the stars aligned! I was very kindly sent three wax melt bars, as well as a segment pot, in a range of their scents designed for a relaxing night’s sleep.

sassy wax shop

If you aren’t familiar with wax melts (I am definitely a new fan myself!), they are basically blocks of scented wax which you break off and use in a wax burner. This can either be an electric wax burner, or you can light a tea light for the regular wax burners. The wax then melts and provides a fragrance, much like a candle. If you purchase from Sassy Shop Wax, they advise that two cubes can burn for around 12 hours.

Sassy wax shop wax melt
L-R – La Vie Est Bon, Sandalwood & Patchouli Dreams, Soothe & Relax, Bedtime Baby

I absolutely love all of the scents that I received. I have recently been burning the ‘Bedtime Baby’ segment pot RRP £4, and I have to say it is definitely putting me in the right mind frame to wind down before bed. The scent is not too intense that it gives you a headache, it is relaxing and also really pretty to look at with its glitter which is biodegradable where possible.

The packaging and quality of the products is great for the price. For example you can buy a starter pack of six wax melt bars for only £15. Seeing as though just two cubes can give around 12 hours of scent, you’ve got yourself a bargain!

Thank you so much to Sassy Shop Wax for sending me these products to try. I am definitely going to be using these regularly to wind down in the evenings. Have you got any products you use to help relax before bedtime? I’d love to know!

I know that Sassy Shop Wax are also really big on community, so do head over and join their Facebook page if you are (or become) a wax melt fanatic!

Kate xx

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