Cruelty Free and Vegan: First Impressions of The Pip Box in 2020

If you are a regular reader of mine, you will know that my family are great at buying gifts. I have to thank my sister for buying me two cruelty free and vegan beauty boxes from The Pip Box for my birthday.

I had a good experience with one of their boxes back in 2018 before I changed to solely cruelty free products, but wow how far they have come! Their packaging is much improved, as well as the box contents, with a lot more full sized and higher value products. It is great to see that they are still providing a wide variety of products, which is one of the reasons why I liked them back in 2018. I have to admit I didn’t continue with my subscription back then, but I am definitely tempted now after seeing the contents of these boxes!

Back in 2018, I paid £16.85 including P&P and using a 10% off code. It looks like prices have since increased to £20 a month, but I can see that the boxes have an average value of £55 each month which is great value! Another change I noticed is that they now solely include cruelty free and vegan brands, you don’t have the option to choose between these anymore which is a positive change.

The boxes I received were the ‘Winter Saviours’ edit which was their Christmas edition and the ‘Nourish’ edit. Both included a wide range of products from previously unknown brands, as you may know, this hugely excites me!

The products I am most excited to try from the two boxes are the lip products. The Up In the Clouds Beauty Balm by Coconut Lane is giving me Glossier vibes, but for the lower price of £6. I’ve also always wanted to try Phase Zero products so it will be interesting to see how their liquid lipstick stacks up to others that i’ve tried!

It’s really lovely to see how The Pip Box have developed over the past couple of years and have stuck to their ethos of providing cruelty free beauty alternatives. The boxes are excellent value for £20 a month and would make a great gift for the cruelty free conscious, or just for yourself! The Pip Box may just have a new subscriber…

Kate xx

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