Cruelty Free Spectaculash Eyelash Growth Review

*Contains gifted products.

I’m all out of sync with everything going on in the world at the moment, so it’s really nice to sit down and talk beauty! Writing, blogging and taking photographs is a welcome distraction and I hope you don’t mind me carrying on as ‘normal’ as I can. With our upcoming wedding potentially having to change quite a lot also, I think doing something that you love is key to handling stress! This is also my first blog post since hitting 1000 followers over on Such an exciting milestone for my blog and I can’t thank you enough if you have followed.

So let’s get on with today’s review! I was very kindly gifted the Dermaworks Spectaculash Eyelash Growth from Jasmin at Dermaworks. I have been wanting to try and grow my eyelashes for my wedding (fingers crossed) and so I was very intrigued as to whether it would work. You can buy the product for £24.99, which is not unreasonable, especially if it works!

So what is Spectaculash?

Dermaworks state that the serum ‘contains Pentapeptide 17, a powerful vegan protein known to stimulate strong, fast and healthy lash growth. Extensive clinical testing has shown pentapeptide 17 to significantly increase lash thickness and length. Not only is Spectaculash scientifically formulated to stimulate eyelash growth, it also fortifies and conditions weak, damaged and brittle eyelashes. Use spectaculash every night for 60 days and we promise that you will be wowed by the results!


The formula comes in a tube and applies much like a liquid eyeliner brush, you run the brush with clear liquid over the lash line. It is really easy to apply, did not irritate my skin at all and does not have a scent to it.

Results So Far

I have only been using the product daily for a week and a lot of reviews state that they didn’t see any difference until 5-6 weeks. Nevertheless, I thought i’d show you what my eyelashes looked like before I started and after one week of using the product.

As you can see there is not much difference currently. However I can’t be too critical seeing as though results are not expected until after a month or so of daily use. The one thing I would say that I have noticed already, is that my eyelashes haven’t been falling out as much as usual when removing makeup for example. I’m not sure if that is a result of the serum but I am definitely going to keep going with it to see what happens with the growth of my eyelashes. I’ll keep you up to date with pictures over on my Instagram!

May Update:

It has been 8 weeks and I am a bit disappointed with how this product has performed for me. There is a slight difference in length on the corners, especially when wearing mascara but I don’t think it has been worth applying it everyday. My eyebrows have grown a lot more and I haven’t been touching those in the current lockdown!

Have you tried this serum before or do you have a holy grail product you use instead?

I hope everyone is keeping well. Always here for a chat or any questions you may have. Let’s stick together in times like these!

Kate xx

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