BuddyBox Subscription: Monthly Self-Care Box

As quality time apart from our family and friends continues, those down days may seem worse than ever. I know that I have struggled some days, especially having to postpone our wedding for next week, it can be hard to feel positive! I really wanted to share a recent subscription box that I found when looking for a pick me up. This week is also Mental Health Awareness week, so this is a great opportunity to stress the importance of looking after yourself. We all need a break and rest, whatever our lives look like currently.

The Buddy Box has been created by The Blurt Foundation who help and support others with depression. Their website is full of helpful advice and free resources which could be a lifeline for anyone struggling at this time.

The Buddy Box however, is for ‘ANYONE who could benefit from a boost, or a pick-me-up, or a big dollop of self-care.‘ There are two boxes available, the regular Buddy Box for £21.50 per month and the Buddy Box Lite for £12 per month. I decided to purchase the Buddy Box lite for myself, as who doesn’t need a bit of self care every now and then!

Buddy Box May

The Buddy Box came in lovely, simple packaging and I was smiling as soon as I opened it up. The attention to detail in the note that they put in every box is a lovely touch.

I received 3 products in my Buddy Box Lite, as well as the Blurt Foundation mini magazine.

The products in the box are designed to bring care, comfort and encourage you to add self-care into your day. Whether this be through practical activities such as the House of Calm, or just by having a relaxing cup of tea! I especially love the Sknfed handcream RRP £7.95 which smells like chocolate orange, you almost want to eat it! I’m definitely going to be checking out some more of their products. This really is such a lovely subscription if you want to treat yourself or make someone else happy.

I think that this would make a really thoughtful gift for friends and family, or if you need to take some more ‘me’ time, why not as a gift for yourself! I know that I am guilty of trying to be productive all the time, but this was a really nice reminder to stop and look after myself too. I’ll definitely look at purchasing another box in the future.

How are you looking after yourself at the moment?

Kate xx

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