Green Planet Beauty – First Impressions (Vegan and Plastic Free)

I’m back with an actual blog post, I know, sound the alarm! With our new puppy (which I haven’t actually introduced on my blog yet!) my time is very much preoccupied. *Head to to see our new whippet Walnut.* Nevertheless I really wanted to make the time this month to share a new brand with you, Green Planet Beauty.

Green Planet Beauty have a ‘range of natural superhero products that are all vegan friendly and are plastic free, either 100% biodegradable and compostable or reusable. No harm to animals or the environment.’ Although this post is based on skincare, Green Planet Beauty have products ranging from bodycare to haircare to makeup! With my recent mission to use more sustainable brands, I want to support this brand because of their passion for helping the planet.

Four Green Planet Beauty Products with floral packaging on a floral bedspread

Not only are Green Planet Beauty passionate about the planet, but their prices are really affordable. I picked up the Plastic Free Beauty Favourites Box Set for £30 with free P&P (the set is still currently on sale!) Inside the box I recieved:

Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser 50ml

Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Eye Gel 15ml

Natural or Tinted Lip Balm 10ml (You can pick your shade)

Eco Deo – Natural Deodorant 60g

Aerial shot of the products on a wooden board with a heart cut out

Having dry skin I really wanted to try their hyaluronic acid products. I also love a good lip balm and thought that it was great to have the option to select the shade I wanted. I also didn’t get on very well with the natural deodorant I tried from Salt of the Earth previously so I thought it would be interesting to see how this one performed. For your awareness, I have only used the products a handful of times so these are just my first impressions.

I always struggle with eye gels and eye creams to see a noticeable difference to my under eye bags. This eye gel which comes in glass jar has a lovely cucumber scent to it and it is cooling, but I haven’t really noticed a massive difference under my eyes in the short term. I will keep using the product however as maybe it will make an impact over time. I pretty much find this happens with nearly all eye creams/gels I try however so I would love to hear your recommendations for ones that give immediate results!

I have always been good at my night time skincare routine but rubbish at remembering during the day. This hyaluronic acid daily moisturiser which comes in an aluminium container is one that I definitely want to remember to keep using! It has a strong citrus scent which I really like and a little goes a long way. As I have dry skin, I find that this cream sinks in well, doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and makeup applies well on top of it. In addition, the hyaluronic acid moisturiser is actually refillable. If you were to repurchase you can get a biodegradable refill instead which is fantastic. This is probably one of my favourite products from the set. I can’t comment on it’s anti-ageing claim however at this stage but i’ll keep you updated!

The design of the Lip Balm and the Eco Deodorant is different to anything i’ve tried before as they are used by pushing up from the bottom. The deodorant smells strongly of lavender and applies like a cream deodorant. For a natural deodorant it kept me mostly dry and odour free throughout my day. Natural deodorants do take a bit of getting used to as they aren’t designed to block sweat. But I was definitely impressed with how well it performed in the really hot weather we have been having as I didn’t feel overly sweaty or smelly!

The product I probably liked the least was the lip balm. It wasn’t as tinted as I would have hoped but it is absolutely fine for a sheer tinted lip balm!

Overall I really love the ethos of this brand and their commitment to sustainable packaging. My favourite products were the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser and the Eco Deo which can be bought separately if you wanted to try them out. It is great to find a company using natural ingredients at affordable prices so I would definitely recommend taking a look at their website!

Kate xx

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