The Body Shop Under £30 Series – Skincare Edition

I have a real fondness for The Body Shop as their products were some of my first cruelty free swaps. I had used their products in the past, but writing my blog in particular really sparked my love for their brand and company ethos.

My lovely blogger friend Chloe is a Body Shop at Home consultant and we have teamed up for a series of under £30 Body Shop hauls, to try out some products and show what you can get for your money. Cruelty free and ethical beauty doesn’t have to be expensive! *These products have been sent to me by Chloe. Head over to Chloe’s blog and Instagram to see her skincare choices and make sure to follow and subscribe!

The Body Shop Products arranged on top of hamper

Here are the products I chose for my skincare haul for under £30. Because Chloe is a consultant, I actually got 10% off my order, which allowed me to get the lip balm as part of my under £30 haul. Without the consultant discount, you can get the following for under £30:

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Sleeping Mask – RRP £11

Carrot Wash Energising Face Cleanser – RRP £8.50

Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub – RRP £8

With consultant discount – Vitamin E Lip Care – RRP £5.50

I decided to pick products I had never tried before to give them a real test. I knew that I already loved the Vitamin E range and also thought i’d try out some different scents.

My favourite product of the haul has to be the Vitamin E sleeping mask. I knew I would like it as I already love their day and night cream. I love the fresh scent and the texture is a light gel consistency . It sinks into my skin leaving me with hydrated and soft skin in the morning. Highly recommend for anyone with dry skin.

The Carrot Wash works well as a gel cleanser. It does have a vegetabley smell which you would expect but it’s not unpleasant. It does the job of a cleanser but I wouldn’t necessarily rush back to buy it.

The Tea Tree scrub is refreshing and does help exfoliate my dry skin gently. It can be a bit sticky to remove when washing it off and I would prefer a more abrasive scrub personally. I would consider repurchasing or trying one of their other scrubs.

Lastly, the little extra treat in the haul from going through a consultant is the Vitamin E lip balm. It has SPF so it is great for an everyday lip balm. It is moisturising and a good little addition to my everyday skincare routine.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of this series. Which type of products would you like to see next? Which products would you have chosen for under £30?

Kate xx

Bargain Beauty Hub

7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Under £30 Series – Skincare Edition

  1. I love The Bodyshop! The foaming tea tree cleanser is great, and the green tea range is gorgeous! One of my friends is a bodyshop consultant too, brilliant isn’t it!💜🥰

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