Trying Cruelty Free Makeup Brand Lottie London: £150 of makeup for £34!

You will probably know by now that I cannot resist a good deal. Recently Lottie London were selling their £150 Mega Makeup haul for only £34! This deal was actually sent to me by one of you which is amazing! I thought this was a great opportunity to try some products from their cruelty free PETA certified makeup range for a bargain price.

Lottie London makeup haul on a tartan scarf with a marble background.

I’m not going to list every individual product, so starting from the top, I received foundation sticks, matte liquid lipsticks, a wide range of eyebrow products, a lip pencil, eyeliner, blusher, nude eyeshadow palette as well as a cream shimmer eyeshadow. Lastly there were two concealers and some interesting looking lip products! Phew!

I will mention that by purchasing this mega haul, I did get some makeup shades that I wouldn’t use which I will either be donating or giving to friends/family. I am really keen not to be wasteful as the concealers for example were way too dark, similarly with a couple of the foundation shades. There were also some eyebrow products in blonde or light which wouldn’t work for me either. On reflection, this haul is still a good deal but I wish I could have had the option not to receive these products.

To give this makeup haul a good test I decided to do a full face of makeup as far as I could. I did use products of my own such as primer, mascara, bronzer and highlighter but the rest is all Lottie London!

A picture of myself with my final Lottie London makeup look. I am wearing a brown shacket with a green plant in the background.
The finished look!

I really liked the coverage of the All About That Base foundation RRP £7.95 . It was easy to apply in stick form and blended pretty well. As some other full coverage foundations do, it did start to move a bit on my nose throughout the day but it didn’t oxidize or sit in any creases. The concealer was much too dark for me so I couldn’t use it unfortunately!

I also really liked the Arch Rival volume brow powder currently on sale for £4.43. The shade was darker than I normally use but it was really easy to apply. I would just go with a lighter hand next time!

One of my favourite products from the haul was the Shadow Swatch eyeshadow palette. It’s very simple with it’s nude colours but the ones I tried were pigmented. It’s not the most amazing palette i’ve ever tried but I think I’ll get good use of it. This palette looks like it is discontinued but you can get the palette with similar shades at Look Fantastic. I also used the AM to PM eyeliner which I absolutely loved for a golden shimmer! Again this product looks like it is discontinued which is a shame.

Lottie London matte liquid lipsticks on a tartan scarf with leaves scattered around. There are also lipstick swatches on my arm to demonstrate the colours.

The stand out products for me were the Slay All Day matte liquid lipsticks RRP £5.95. The formula was really easy to apply and was comfortable on the lips. It wasn’t particularly drying and lasted really well when eating and drinking. They remind me a lot of the NYX matte lip creams but they don’t smell quite as nice!

Picture of the Lottie London iridescent lip topper, glitter switch lipstick and holo lip gloss being held up in front of a tartan scarf.

I am also looking forward to trying out these unusual lip products, probably around the house as I don’t know if they would survive under a mask! I received an iridescent lip topper, glitter switch lipstick and holo lip gloss which definitely sound different to my normal lip products.

Overall I really liked the final look and I am pleased with the products for the price I paid, although I don’t think I would pay the full £150!

I’d be interested to know if you have ever tried Lottie London and which are your favourite products? If you are looking to try the brand I would highly recommend the matte liquid lipsticks.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! It definitely made me feel nostalgic doing a full makeup review.

Kate xx

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9 thoughts on “Trying Cruelty Free Makeup Brand Lottie London: £150 of makeup for £34!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from Lottie London but I’ve definitely had a browse of their products. The matte lip liquids look really nice and pigmented from your swatches and I’d definitely love the plum shade 🙂 The foundation looks SO lovely and natural on your skin – the worst is when full coverage foundations cake or crease and it’s so good to see it doesn’t do that!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would highly recommend the matte liquid lips they have great staying power and are easy to layer. The foundation does cling to my dry patches by the end of the day which is the one thing I would say! But it’s not cakey at all and feels light on my skin xx


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