2020 Favourites – Cruelty Free Makeup, Skincare and More

I know we all can’t wait to leave this year behind us. Whilst this year has brought a lot of sadness for me, it has also been the best year ever for my little blog. In fact, this is actually my 100th post on bargainbeautyhub.com!

This lovely community has definitely kept me going and supported me through all of the chaos of this year. I can’t thank you enough for following, commenting and liking or if you have been with me from the start and stuck around!

I wanted to end 2020 on a high by sharing my favourite products. It is so difficult to pick favourites and this is in no way shade to any other brands i’ve tried.

My favourite products of 2020 displayed on a white shelf with poinsettia lights behind it. There is also a small lightbox with 2020 on it.

I have discovered and been kindly sent products from a lot of brands this year. Any products sent to me through PR are marked with an asterisk *

Just a warning that this is a long post so get yourselves comfortable! In no particular order, here are my favourites:


Wild Deodorant* – I have tried to make some eco-friendly swaps this year to do my bit to reduce plastic waste. Wild is my favourite natural deodorant I have tried because of it’s ease (you can sign up to subscription refills), the fact that it is plastic free and because it works just as well as chemical deodorants. It is also a really reasonable price at around £5 per refill. To note that I did experience some redness and reactions when changing to natural deodorant, but stick with it as it is totally worth it!

Click here for my full Wild review.

An honourable mention also to Wavy Deo* who aren’t pictured but are the nicest and most supportive small business. Their plastic free deodorant also worked well but Wild Deodorant just had the edge on ease and packaging for me. But bear in mind that Wavy Deo are a small business with big plans and I can only see them improving. For example they took on board my feedback this year and reduced their price to £8.99! They also do a his and hers gift set which would be great for Christmas.

Click here for my Wavy Deo review.

Close up of the favourites with the 2020 lightbox in the background.

Lip Product

The Lottie London Slay All Day lipstick is my favourite liquid lip formula I have used this year. It is a vegan formula that is comfortable on the lips and pretty long lasting for only £5.95. I always reach for these lipsticks on the rare opportunities that I do my makeup these days!

Click here for my full Lottie London haul review.

Lip Care

I received this lip mask from W7 in one of my Kind Beauty Box* monthly subscriptions. The artificial strawberry scent won’t be for everyone but I find the thick gel formula really moisturising and it massively helps when my lips are dry. This lip mask is currently on offer on Fragrance Direct for £2.99.

Click here for a further review and close up of the lip mask.

A close up of the texture of the Bio Glow scrub. You can see the green gel consistency with brown scrub bits mixed in.


This scrub from Bio Glow* is a bit controversial as it contains walnuts which I know skin experts say to stay clear from! But I find that this scrub has the right amount of exfoliating texture as well as the gel like consistency that feels fresh on my skin. It has a lovely aloe scent and when used occasionally, there is no damage to my skin. Most significantly, this scrub is only £1 from shops like Savers!

Click here for my Bio Glow review.


There are some lovely small businesses out there making hair accessories and my favourites this year are from Chelsey Style and Autumn and Belle*. Both are great quality and prices so I couldn’t choose between them! I have loved supporting small creators this year and would highly recommend checking out my review below and giving them both a follow.

Click here for a review of the Autumn and Belle scrunchies.

Hair Product

Another area that i’ve tried to be more eco-friendly with is my hair products. This detangling spray from Shrub* is liquid plastic free, vegan and costs £9.99. It works well on my thick hair to help smooth out tangles. I am still not a massive fan of the botanical scent but I can’t deny how it works on my hair.

Click here for my full review of Shrub.

Eco Friendly Razor

I made the move away from plastic disposable razors last year and have found a new alternative this year from Hey Estrid* that I absolutely love. It gives such a smooth shave and the subscription refills are very handy. Refills cost only £9.95 for a pack of 4 and their starter kit comes with a choice of coloured steel razor, wall holder and 2 cartridges for £7.95.

Click here for my full review of the Hey Estrid razor.


If you are a long term follower you will not be surprised at all to see the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop in this line up. I have been loving the gentle facial wash with its cream consistency as it keeps my skin hydrated. It is also really affordable at £8.50 for 125ml. Some cleansers can make my skin feel a little bit tight but the consistency of this product helps to clean away impurities whilst locking in moisture. I personally love the scent of the Vitamin E products as well.

Close up of the Polyglutamic Acid Booster from Superdrug. You can see the formula in the dropper and it is dripping back into the jar.


Everyone raves about the benefits of hyaluronic acid however this Polyglutamic Acid Booster from Superdrug in my opinion is even better. Polyglutamic acid holds up to 10 times more moisture than hyaluronic acid and can help ‘seal’ in your other products (source) I find that this Polyglutamic Acid Booster is a lot more effective than any other serum I have tried. It is a bit thicker in consistency but a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend this serum to anyone with dry or dehydrated skin and it only costs £8.99!

Click here for my review of the Polyglutamic Acid Booster.

Facial Oil

I have definitely been a facial oil convert this year and have been loving this Rose Superfood Facial Oil from Dr Botanicals that I received in a Kind Beauty Box*. I love the rose scent and find it gentle on my skin. It doesn’t feel like an oil at all and has a thin consistency. It is on the more expensive side at £19.50 for a 15ml bottle, but you can often find offers online for a lot cheaper. Here is an offer for example to buy the product for £9.95, although I have not purchased from this website before!

Close up of the Evolve Beauty gold mask with it's bright gold colour and thick texture.

Face Mask

I have been trying to buy less sheet masks this year to be more eco-friendly and instead have really enjoyed using face masks from a jar. I won this Bio-Retinol gold face mask in a giveaway from Evolve Beauty and I am absolutely obsessed with it! It is made from a natural retinol so it is not irritating at all, in fact it is quite the opposite. I love how smooth and hydrated my skin feels after using this mask, although it does leave you with a little bit of a glittery face afterwards. It is one of the more expensive products in my collection that I would recommend, but it is still under £30 as it retails at £26.00 for the full size and £13.00 for a travel size. When I first reviewed this product I was a bit torn about it’s price, but after using it some more I think I will definitely purchase it when it runs out as it is worth the money.

Click here for my review of this face mask.


Again we are back with the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop but this time it is my favourite night time moisturiser. I have tried lots of other moisturisers in 2020 and although I have liked a lot of them, this Vitamin E moisturiser still remains my favourite. It has a subtle fresh scent, it is highly moisturising and sinks into my skin. It costs £15.00 for a jar and is worth every penny. I would go as far to say that this is one of my favourite skincare products ever!

Click here for a further review of this moisturiser.

Hand Cream

Last, but definitely not least is the Sweet Orange Hand cream from Sknfed who make natural skincare products. I first discovered this product in a self-care Buddy Box and it quickly became my go to hand cream. The smell is amazing, just like chocolate orange and you almost want to eat it! I like the pouch packaging and the buttery formula itself is so nourishing for your hands. The hand cream retails at £7.95 and I will definitely be repurchasing this and trying more products from Sknfed.

Click here for a further review of the hand cream and Buddy Box.

Well done if you made it to the end of this post, it was a long one but I hope you have found some inspiration to check out some new products. As always, I would love if you wanted to share with me any products you buy or use from my recommendations!

I hope you all have a well deserved Christmas break, catch you in the new year!

Kate xx

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